Accessories for a male bedroom

Accessories for a male bedroom

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Because women do not have a monopoly on decorating the room, men too are entitled to their decor! Here are some tips to give a masculine touch to the bedroom.

Dark colors

For a male bedroom, we leave aside the soft colors to turn to darker tones. Black and brown will be the colors par excellence for a male bedroom. If you opt for blue for example, prefer midnight blue to turquoise blue! The advantage of this type of color is that it is unisex, unlike pink which could scare some men.

Noble materials

The masculine interiors give pride of place to noble materials. We then opt for leather armchairs, percale bed linen and wooden furniture. The materials must be warm and shimmering.

Functional furniture

No frills in a male room! We put on functional furniture and accessories that facilitate storage. Remember to collect boxes for clothes, socks and all other accessories. As a decorative object, we opt for a chess game which will also be used to play a game before going to bed. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"