A relaxed seat!

A relaxed seat!

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Relax sofa, rocking chair or even a seat warmed with plaids and cushions: Alinéa tells you all about the relaxed seats and how to choose them well for your living room. Enough to cocoon at home and spend pleasant moments of family relaxation!

The happiness of being well seated

Do you dream of a sofa on which you could spend hours relaxing? We must admit that on a daily basis, we all feel the need to recharge our batteries. Experts also agree that we achieve this when we free ourselves from the weight of the body to reach sensations close to weightlessness. The solution in the living room? The relaxed seat! Sofa or armchair, it is a seat designed to relieve body tensions (mainly cervical and lumbar) and thus fully meet our essential needs of well-being. Ergonomic and accompanied by an electrical system, the SOGNARE sofa will follow, for example, all your movements to guarantee you unparalleled comfort.

Relax sofas to compose yourself

What matters to be at home is choosing furniture that reflects your image. The relaxed seating have many qualities. Ultra comfortable, spacious and even designer, the relax sofa makes the living room a very convivial place, especially for large tribes. Warmed with plaids and cushions, it is all the more cozy! Not to mention that it is possible for you to create your own relax sofa, as for the RIO model. You choose everything from A to Z: size (2 or 3 seats, corner version), style (armrests, headrests, high backrests), options (manual or electric) and finally the upholstery from over 36 colors to choose from . The result ? A fully personalized relaxed seat!

Relax but in style!

If you still think that relax rhymes with nerdy, it's time to change your mind! You can completely combine comfort and style, by choosing a seat that suits you. Think of the chair! In general, an armchair is an invitation to relax. The perfect companion for your sofa, it is perfect for resting, reading a book or watching TV. Seventies spirit like the POPPY armchair, club like the HABANA or toad like the CHANTELOUP, it comes in all styles to be in harmony with the rest of your decor. You can even treat yourself to a revisited rocking chair like the EMILIA rocking chair, to place in your living room or in a bedroom. You will appreciate its great comfort and its enveloping ergonomics, not to mention that it is available in several trendy colors! No more sofas and armchairs worthy of those of our grandparents, make way for trendy relaxed seating. You will see, they will be all the rage in your living room!

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