Lighting: white and soft!

Lighting: white and soft!

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Timeless and bright, white is an essential decoration. In the form of a light, it brings warmth, elegance and softness. And above all, it goes perfectly with all styles of decoration. Alinéa gives you 3 good reasons to give in to the call of white for ultra-decorative lighting!

Reason # 1: white lights up

Critics of white will say that it is cold and without personality, and they will not be wrong if it is played in total look. Too much white kills white! On the other hand, white is ideal for lighting and warming up the decoration of a room . To avoid the "clinical" effect, it is enough to measure the touches of white while playing with the materials and working on the contrasts. White lights are decorative allies! Suspended like the PETTY model, or placed like the ULTY lamp, these are all points of light that elegantly illuminate your interior. Little trick to escape the blue and cold lights, opt for bulbs with a low temperature in Kelvin (2400k). They will produce a warm yellow light!

Reason # 2: white brings softness

It is no coincidence that the Scandinavians swear by wood and white to decorate their interiors. Their alliance allows to create a real cocoon which breaks with the cold of these harsh Nordic winters. With white luminaires, the lighting is often powdered or dimmed, which immediately softens the atmosphere of a room . As an auxiliary lamp or candle jar, they provide diffused lighting, especially if they are in frosted glass or resin, like the BARTH table lamp. All in elegance and sobriety, the white lights adapt to a multitude of interiors.

Reason # 3: white goes with everything

Because it should not be hidden, white has many advantages: it is easy, goes well with everything and in addition, it is timeless. It is a safe bet for all styles of decoration. Its discreet and versatile color allows you to play the card of fantasy and fall for original lighting, like the CACTUS ceramic table lamp or the POWHOW graphic model.

From modern to classic, through minimalist and design, a white light can very easily be associated with Scandinavian, industrial, oriental or rustic decor. Its different shades of shades such as ivory, ecru or off-white make it possible to create nuances. They also offer many possibilities for playing with transparency or patterns, like those of the KANT table lamp, in a moucharabieh style. So say yes to white to light up your interior! Easy to integrate into your decor, white lights will bring softness and elegance to your interior , for a serene and timeless atmosphere.

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