A decorative fan for a pop interior

A decorative fan for a pop interior

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To cool the house while remaining at the forefront of the trend, we opt for a decorative fan that will fit perfectly in a pop style interior. One watchword: bet on color!

Original shapes

So that the fan becomes a part of the decor, we opt for modern and original shapes. Some fans look like movie projectors, others like mini jet engines. Prefer fans to put on a piece of furniture on models on foot which are more difficult to integrate in an interior. Choose pop materials like plastic or metal so that the object harmonizes with the rest of the decor style.

Bright colors

What will really give style to the fan and thus to the room in which it is located is its color! So for a summery and very pop spirit, we bet on bright and tart colors. You can opt for a color that will integrate with the rest of your decor or on the contrary play the contrast by preferring a color that will stand out from the rest. Anyway, blue, red, pink, green and yellow will be very trendy! Discover our selection of fans for a pop style. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"