Natacha makes her DIY Christmas decorations (with her children)

Natacha makes her DIY Christmas decorations (with her children)

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Today, give the floor to Natacha. Natacha - Cranemou for friends who read her blog - is now trying to make her DIY Christmas decorations like on Pinterest with her children. Pinterest Vs Real Life Finally! The results of this field survey in words and images… The more time I spend on the internet, the more I feel that believing in my creative potential is natural. It just takes a few clicks to get inspired, and with Christmas, the web is full of wonderful ideas to make ourselves. The "Do It Yourself" decorations are presented to us like hundreds of little treasures that we would be so proud to exhibit on our tree. This year, it was decided, with the children, we were going to roll up our sleeves and decorate our Christmas with our hands, enthusiasm and lots of ideas drawn from the net. At the top of the most inspiring sites: Pinterest. Only one rainy weekend was missing so that we could get started, with joy, good humor and the certainty that we were no less gifted than the others.

Essay # 1: Christmas origami

Origami is just a matter of patience and training. So I watched, for a long time, explanatory videos to make stars and Christmas trees. I even invested in pretty leaves in Christmas colors for a perfect rendering. What I wanted was this:

Sources: GG Initials and The best we had, after hours and a lot of wasted paper, was this: Star version:

And fir version:

It should still be noted that origami, when you go beyond the stage of the casserole or the plane, it quickly becomes complicated for children. So I had to take matters into my own hands. BUT, here it is, we can do the tutorial on video 50 times, there is always (but ALWAYS) a passage that we do not understand. The guy has a triangle between his fingers and "pouffe" it becomes a diamond. We haven't seen anything. We do not know. We believe we are attending a tour of Gérard Majax and we waste an incredible amount of time figuring out how to get to the same point (according to our patience, this DIY session can possibly be punctuated with bird names).

Test n ° 2: painting

Safe value for the child (mine being 6 and 10 years old), painting remains an art quite affordable, if there are pretty supports ready to decorate. The children then give free rein to their imagination and their desires, it's really great (and it occupies them a good time). We can even spice up the activity a bit by offering to stick with varnish. Big success at home. On the other hand, I had slightly omitted one thing that any good parent who likes decoration must respect: do NOT leave them the choice of colors if we want a little bit that our color theme is respected. So ... so for us, this year will be multicolored. My fault. My daughter at work:

The colorful result:

Test n ° 3: the masking tape

I must admit that although I find these rolls of scotch decorated very cute, I had, until then, never really understood their usefulness. But it was enough for me to type "Christmas decor masking tape" in my search bar that already the ideas were flying. We chose a Rudolph tree and a reindeer with the children. Result, VOILA finally something simple, fast, accessible to all to do with family. With the models that are found on the net, there is only the embarrassment of the choice… and one quickly lets oneself be carried away by one's imagination without needing to be necessarily gifted at the base. And a big bonus: not only does it stick easily to partitions, doors and walls (clean, if possible), it also peels off just as easily, without removing half of the Placo® with it.

I knew we were artists in this family. It was enough to find our art!