How about an SMEG designer fridge?

How about an SMEG designer fridge?

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This summer again, all kinds of frozen treats will fill the freezers. This is an opportunity to change the refrigerator! What if we bought a SMEG device? Halfway between technology, design, retro style and colors, the refrigerators of the Italian brand are the must-have to sublimate the kitchen!

Very aesthetic refrigerators

Combining functionality and design: this is the motto and the concept that made the SMEG brand famous. Challenging the whiteness code of household appliances, the brand has been selling for sixty years now, colored devices with a unique look. If you've had enough of your old classic refrigerator, it's time to think about more aesthetic options that will enhance your kitchen. SMEG refrigerators will undoubtedly surprise you: rounded lines, a vintage style, elegant and bright stainless steel and a wide range of colors for all tastes. Azure or royal blue, orange, red, black, pink, metallic gray, off-white, sun yellow, cream color, pale green or apple green: you are spoiled for choice. There are even more design ranges, multicolored stripes, British or Italian flags. This exceptional refrigerator has of course a cost. We equip ourselves with this pretty jewel from € 828 in appliance stores.


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