4 beautiful calendars for 2017

4 beautiful calendars for 2017

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Calendars, practical everyday objects, can also become real decorative accessories. Framed or pinned, they inspire many creators, for our greatest pleasure. Dé shares with you its selection of 4 calendars as pretty as original to start 2017 well!

Le Structure 2017 Calendar - Tiger Paper - 55 €

This 2017 calendar (pictured above) presented in the form of a strip of wallpaper is ideal for thinking about everything, seeing your year at a glance and decorating your office or interior. It is made in France and exists in two different versions, to stick or pin on a wall or on a door.

Toyblocks Calendar 2017 - SNUG Studio - € 18.90

A design calendar as practical as it is elegant On this calendar, which looks like a design poster, each month represents a graphic block. The numbers are represented by circles, triangles and rectangles which recall wooden pieces with geometric shapes (tangram). Made in Germany, it is available in 5 different colors (white, soft pink, gray, light blue and yellow).

Almond Calendar 2017 - La Petite Papeterie Française - 73 €

An XXL calendar for the whole family This XXL calendar was born from the desire to share a family or collective space. The goal is to write everything and see everything. It can accommodate sticky notes, masking tape, drawings, and allows everyone to communicate creatively. Little extras: it is made from certified 350 g recycled paper made from almond waste and delivered in its giant totebag!

Calendar Les Flamants Yogis 2017 - Amélie Legault - € 13.85

A calendar good for form and morale! A 2017 calendar that will make you want to smile and move! Each month, the yogi flamingos perform a different yoga posture, for a fun and colorful result. The print is made in Montreal, from the illustrator's drawings made in ink and markers.