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Soft lights

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Winter season obliges, the time is right for cocooning accessories to raise the temperature in our living rooms and if throws and other blankets are welcome, light objects are put in winter time to bring us softness and lightness with delicacy.

Rounded design and warm color

This winter we leave the greyness outside although the sun is shy in this period, no question of depriving ourselves of as much light in our interior. Good for the morale and for the decor, we put everything on the warm lights to give a second breath to our spaces. The accent lamps, floor lamps and suspensions are available in a rounded range to bring a touch of well-deserved tenderness. Design that inspires comfort or form that invites you to dream, the curved line presents itself in many ways to round the corners also we appreciate the minimalist spirit of the ULTY luminaire, which offers soft and diffused auxiliary lighting through its shape conical convex, while the PETTY pendant lamp charms us by overlooking the space like a marshmallow bubble. An ode to the curve, to femininity and to the so singular forms of mother nature, that the Cactus model is responsible for brilliantly illustrating by mixing the charm of a well-known plant with the softness of multiple lighting. Because if form is an essential point in this quest for softness, so is the intensity of the light source. Warm white, cold or neutral, the light beam offers several renderings to suit all types of use. And in this desire for sweetness, what better than a light in honey tones to warm the atmosphere! We therefore prefer shades of ecru to favor the warm effect by the fireside.

Small lights for big results!

It is clear that small details often make the difference, the light garland is in the spotlight during this festive period. Whether framing a mirror or a painting or strewn with a falsely neglected air, the pampering of the trees delicately enhances the volumes. Traditional with the BOTTE LED model or more elaborate for the BOULE VELO variant, we gladly adopt this subtle lighting that adorns the space with meticulousness day and night. Table lamp, pendant lamp or floor lamp, whatever the option chosen, the soft light will give your cocoon an extra touch of conviviality to spend the winter warm.

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