Tropical decor: a sunburn in your interior

Tropical decor: a sunburn in your interior

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No need to venture into the tropics to be disoriented. The tropical style adapted in your interiors is enough to make you travel under exotic lands… Immediate boarding towards tropical decoration!

Destination: the tropical jungle!

of the crazy colors , a wave of freshness, an atmosphere full of joie de vivre ... Welcome to the tropical interior! Undoubtedly a sign that you have arrived at your destination? Lush plants, pineapple and hibiscus leaves are inviting even on the wallpaper, printed patterns fabrics, see suspensions with an exotic bias. To believe that you are in the middle of the Amazon rainforest: the comfort plus snakes less! Inspired by the wild and verdant beauties of unexplored jungles, the tropical style distills the scent of the holidays…

The Tropical style: its codes

The tropical style gives pride of place to exotic patterns . Orchids, parrots and banana leaves make the law. The plant and animal world naturally associates with natural materials and rough wood like bamboo, wicker or acacia to warm the atmosphere. The style dares to appropriate the furniture usually reserved for the garden. For example, install an ecru, green or taupe UDINE lounge chair or a TROPICAL 4-position Chilean in your living room and you're off on a journey. Side colors , green should not overshadow the palette of organic shades: ecru, beige or taupe, but also saffron yellow, turquoise blue or even royal blue for more contrasting effects. Textures, shapes and patterns have only one ambition: to create an atmosphere while relaxation in your interior. The tropical style , it's a little vacation before time, and that's also why we love it!

A question of fair dosage

If it's easy to go overboard total tropical look , adopting the style in nuances is a subtle exercise that works miracles in interiors. The right recipe? Mix furniture , sections of walls or decorative accessories to the bias tropical to restrained atmospheres… or adopt the parrot of the TUCANO 40x40cm cotton cushion! We love her graphic prints who play in the subtlety of style to enhance the decor a touch of exoticism. To go to sleep in a lush paradise, just one prescription: the TROPICAL bedding set… Tarzan is going to be jealous!

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