The egg always sings 3 times

The egg always sings 3 times

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When it comes to cooking an egg, I'm not very good at it. If I recently learned how to make an omelet, I still need training to make a good boiled egg. And frankly I don't want to invest in an electric egg cooker, although that would definitively solve my problem. Fortunately there is Find… not Findus but Beepegg.

Beepegg knows the song, even three, that he will be happy to sing at the different stages of egg cooking. "Killing me softly" for boiled eggs, "I wish i was a hen" - no idea - for soft-boiled eggs, and an extract of Carmina Burana for hard-boiled eggs. But that's not all ! Beepegg - as its name suggests, a first time when the water reaches 45 ° C and a second time when it starts to boil.

The "muy important" thing is to store Beepegg in the fridge with your eggs so that it is at the same temperature and to immerse it in the pan at the same time! I am saved!