How to change your Christmas decor without buying everything?

How to change your Christmas decor without buying everything?

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Whether by looking at Christmas windows or by visiting his favorite decoration site (randomly dé, the temptation is always great to want to embark on a whole new theme for its Christmas decoration. Only here, in the attic or in the cellar, you already have at least three boxes filled with garlands, balls and other cuties for which you have cracked in previous years. Suddenly you feel a little guilty, which is normal. To avoid having to choose between responsible and trendy decor, we have imagined 5 solutions to change your decor without buying everything. Follow the guide.

First solution: customize your Christmas decorations

For once, we avoid buying new decorations but we choose to innovate by transforming the old ones. To change the Christmas balls for example, just repaint them with a spray paint. However painting is not the only possible option, you can also wrap or cover with fabric your old Christmas balls. So we can easily customize its ornaments and change their color to get a whole new decoration of its tree. But it would be a mistake to limit yourself to the decorations of the tree, you can also change the whole table decoration for your Christmas Eve: why not dye an old tablecloth to give it a festive touch and thus decorate your table easily?

We customize its old tristounette tablecloth

Second solution: alternate Christmas decorations

In order not to have to buy a new decoration every year, you have to keep in mind that some decorations are easier than others to mix. For example, if we opted for decorations of white and black color, we can the following year fall for a decoration of silver color so color associations will be easy to make in the following years. We could for example make a white and silver Christmas then the following year make a black and silver Christmas and Christmas after a white and black celebration, etc. With three colors that work together, it is possible to change the decoration with multiple combinations. The advice to remember is therefore to always think about buying your Christmas decorations while ensuring that they can be combined with their old ones.

White / Black / Gold: a (hyper) winning trio for Christmas decorations!

Third solution: make your DIY decorations

Since the advent of do-it-yourself on the Internet, it is much easier to create new Christmas decorations that avoid breaking the bank. Thanks to DIY, we not only have original decorations that we do not find in others but in addition we have the satisfaction of having created by ourselves without having spent all his money (like that, there is more for gifts !). Take a look at the dé slides and you will have a thousand ideas (at least!) To make this Christmas 2016 unforgettable. In addition, many creations use recycled materials such as cork stoppers, Eskimo sticks or even toilet paper rolls (yes, no). You will see that once you have tasted it, you can not do without it and it is even difficult to find the same appeal for Christmas decorations in stores.

Let your creativity speak!

Fourth solution: dining decorations

In order not to have to buy new decorations, we can also make new ones, but this time with foodstuffs. To enhance your tree, you make Christmas shortbread, remembering to make a hole to hang it with a pretty ribbon. Depending on the cookie cutters, you will be able to create new decorations quite easily. And thanks to the bloggers and kitchen bloggers, you are sure to find original ideas such as stained shortbread for example. For your Christmas crib, think of gingerbread. The advantage of this solution is that it allows you to have a good time with your family to cook it all.

Christmas stained shortbread biscuits according to I Make Stuff

Fifth solution: think of barter!

As a last alternative why not think of bartering with friends? Obviously we will not make an exchange for Christmas decorations which have been in the family for several generations and which therefore have a sentimental value but if they are items bought recently in stores, why not try the experience ? Take advantage of an autumn evening to organize this bartering moment with your friends: everyone brings back their decorations and leaves with those they like. This is a good way to change your Christmas decorations without putting your hand in the pocket (and one more opportunity to meet up with friends)!


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