5 ideas to save water

5 ideas to save water

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With the heat and the dryness, one is tempted to use the water to excess but it will however be necessary to redouble effort to preserve it. Here are some ideas to help you save water.

Avoid operations that require a lot of water

It sounds very simple, but we can never say it enough: to save water, choose showers over baths! Similarly, charge your washing machine well before starting a machine; limit car washes and pool fillings during the season. If you have a vegetable garden, do not water during the hours of sunshine but prefer a very early or late evening watering. This will prevent the leaves from burning and the water will not immediately evaporate due to the heat.

Close the taps

When you are not using the water, turn off the tap! When you are doing the dishes or brushing your teeth, do not hesitate to turn off the tap as soon as it is necessary. To make your job easier, you can opt for a drip stopper. It is a small button to fix on the tap which will keep the chosen temperature. Thanks to this system, you don't have to close the tap to shut off the water.

Use a water saver

Be aware that by installing a water aerator on all your taps, you will make considerable savings without even realizing it. It is a small filter to slide into the tap to incorporate air into the water stream. In this way, the water pressure remains the same but the amount of water is reduced. We can thus note a 50% reduction in water consumption.

Equip yourself with mixers

Mixing valves improve the use of taps to promote water savings. This type of tap makes it easier to adjust the water temperature, so you waste less. On the other hand, this system makes it possible to maintain the chosen temperature even by closing the tap. It is enough to raise the mixer to run the water.

Collect rainwater

Finally, to save water, remember to collect rainwater when you can. There are collectors for this in DIY stores, but you can also opt for any bin. You can use this water to water your plants or wash the car.


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