Living Coral, the Pantone color of 2019

Living Coral, the Pantone color of 2019

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Like every year, Pantone, the benchmark for color charts in the world, has announced what will be the flagship color of the year 2019. And the prize goes to the Living Coral which succeeds the Ultra Violet of 2018. We should see it everywhere for the next 12 months in the world of fashion and decoration. We will explain everything to you !

Why the Living Coral color?

Since 1999 Pantone has been selecting the color of the year. Well known by designers around the world for its color charts, Pantone is closely followed by stylists and interior decorators. And this year, it's the Living Coral shade that is king. This choice is the result of a lot of research carried out by experts in Pantone color. New chromatic influences, the art of travel, fashion, current tourist destinations, socio-economic conditions, social networks and even technological progress are all influences that enabled these experts to make a decision. According to Pantone, the Living Coral color is invigorating, warm and reassuring. Surely you have already seen the coral reefs under the ocean with their captivating colors? Well, the Living Coral was designed to remind us of these reefs, their warmth and their protective spirit. By choosing this color, it is also a return to the sources and a rapprochement of nature that is advocated by society.

What does it change for you?

This selection made by Pantone is not without consequence since it strongly influences the choices made for the development of decorative objects and purchasing decisions in the sectors of fashion or interior decoration in particular. The consequence ? Your next visits to decoration stores cannot take place without you being able to lay your eyes on this pretty Living Coral shade. You can expect to see it everywhere quickly!

Choose the Living Coral shade for your decoration

Building your decor with this color that is both soft and vibrant would allow both to bring optimism and lightness in interiors. Do you want to energize a white room? Paint a wall or a door in Living Coral, or opt for a piece of furniture of this color… and why not the sofa? If you do not want to have such a big piece of color at home, choose accessories such as cushions, a flower pot, a carpet or even small kitchen appliances. Used in small touches, the Living Coral color perfectly highlights all of your decoration, whatever the room concerned. You will understand, the Living Coral revives neutral colors like white or gray. You can also combine this beautiful shade with khaki green, forest green or any other shade of green to provide a pleasing contrast to the eye.