4 tips to organize a hassle-free family celebration

4 tips to organize a hassle-free family celebration

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Do you want to organize a family celebration worthy of the name? So to reunite all your relatives and friends at home, there is unfortunately no secret, we will have to organize. Whatever the occasion to have a good time with your family, we give you 4 decorating tips for a hassle-free party!

A complete guest list for a successful family celebration

Before you start, for a faultless and organize a family celebration hassle-free without forgetting anyone, make a list of all guests. Cousins, loved ones, family friends and more ... Make sure you don't forget anyone! For example, you can ask one of your guests to check your list. Once the list is complete, send your beautiful invitations specifying the deadline by which you should have obtained all the answers. It is essential to choose the type of meal you will serve: will it be a sit-down meal or a buffet? How much should you plan? Will you have enough dishes and chairs?

Your guests can keep their invitation card as a souvenir.

The perfect location for the whole family

Then comes a crucial step: how to choose the ideal place for a successful family celebration? Country style in the garden, traditional meal in the common room or English in the veranda ... the options are endless. To help you make your choice, choose your location according to the number of guests of course and the type of atmosphere you want to bring to your party. We think, for example, that the garden will be perfect for extended summer evenings. To give a warm bohemian touch to your evening opt for small colorful lanterns, candles on the tables or XXL cushions on the lawn (children will love). If the weather is not right, the veranda or a large reception tent are good options. It's your turn !

Have you thought of arranging several spaces to have several atmospheres?

A neat table decoration for an original atmosphere

To dazzle your guests and organize a memorable family celebration, you will have to bet a lot on the table decor. Again, there are a thousand possible options. Have you thought about choosing a theme? Does your table decoration have to be in accordance with the dress code of the day? No need to ruin yourself to get a table decor that throws. The trick here is to have fun playing with the materials and colors for your dishes and glasses. However, try to keep a coordinated palette to avoid overloaded effects. Add some accessories such as candles, paper lanterns, confetti or flowers. Also remember to recycle your old glass bottles in pretty vases. And the best for your guests: small soft cushions on the chairs. We validate!

Your decoration challenge? A table as appetizing as the dishes concocted!

A full buffet to enjoy the evening

And the best for last: the buffet. The ultimate tip for not spending hours in the kitchen and enjoying your family party in peace. The buffet is not only practical but can also serve as decoration. The must: plan small stands for each type of dish such as the corner of the cheese platters, cold cuts, side dishes or even desserts. Also opt for a place reserved exclusively for drinks to have your best cocktails. To serve them, you can bet for example on old jars or jars of jams. Are we toast?

Do not forget to name the buffet managers: they will be delighted to be first served!


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