10 ideas for a recycled garden decor

10 ideas for a recycled garden decor

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What better place than the garden to experience the art of recycling? For the greatest benefit of the planet (and your wallet), nothing is lost and everything is recovered. Tires, pallets, cans and old zinc containers offer a new life 100% true to the spirit of nature ... Because we love the concept of second life in the midst of plants, we share our selection of ideas for a garden decoration Recover '.

1. Make an ottoman with a recycled tire

What better place than a garden for a second life of used tires? With a little paint, a wooden board, old tablecloths, foam and a jigsaw, your old used tire is transformed into a comfortable beanbag for an ecological laying under the refreshing shade of the trees ... Do you want the same? Follow the tutorial of the editorial staff of dé!

Under the paint, a tire! Who would've believed that ?

2. Find shoes… in your garden

Rather than throwing the little one's used shoes in the trash, we recycle them in noted flower pots to scatter everywhere to add an unusual and offbeat touch to the decor of the garden. Adidas tennis shoes, rubber boots or old wooden clogs: no shoe can resist the invasion of vegetation.

Recuperated shoes and upcycling atmosphere for this end of the Tangier sidewalk.

3. Divert a colander in floral suspension

What to do with an old metal or enameled colander? Already don't throw it away… or try to sunbathe through! Instead, book it in the garden by transforming it into an original pendant lamp to house your flower arrangements. Pimped with a little color, it will be of the most beautiful effect to personalize your garden recovered with a nice playful note, planted and subtly offset.

Suspended, the colander turns into an original pot to accommodate your compositions!

4. Put the garden decor in a box

Rather than throwing away used cans, why not turn them into a lantern? A few tealights, small holes, a touch of inspiration, a bit of spray paint and this is a bright idea to light up the recovered garden terrace without spending a round.

Old cans? No ! Personalized candles for the garden!

5. Make a garden furniture on pallets

A flagship object of recycled decoration, the pallets that are found in warehouses of large surfaces invite themselves into the garden! Superimposed on the floor and embellished with chair slabs and soft cushions, the pallets make up a cozy and salvaged garden furniture. Substantial savings to the key ...

Pallets throw them in your living room as well as in your garden!

6. Make a side table with an old wooden barrel

Nothing like an old wooden barrel to arrange the garden at a lower cost. Placed as it is on the terrace or surmounted by a larger tray, the old rustic wooden barrel is second to none to place the decor under the sign of bohemia and joie de vivre ... "under the sun of Bodéga … ". Olé!

Go around the flea markets to find a barrel - your future garden table!

7. Make a swing with tires

An old robust rubber tire, thick cord (or chains), some fixing accessories, DIY tools ... and here is a beautiful swing 100% recuperated for (big and small) children. It only remains to find a tree with solid branches to swing without fuss in your new playground ... and deco recovered!

A swing tire or the American dream in the garden!

8. Divert a cable drum into a garden table

The reel, this big wooden spool which usually allows to wind electric cables plays good tricks in the decoration of the garden. A little varnish, paint, a patina effect or ceramic and here is the old reel recovered in the site of the corner transformed into a garden table. All in a jiffy!

A cable drum and colorful ropes: here you are with a designer table!

9. Greening up old bathroom equipment

The old baths form unusual receptacles for flowers, vegetable gardens or flower boxes. No more bending down to pick up the aromatic herbs and vegetables from the tub, and that's 100% true to the upcycling spirit. Even more unusual, planted sinks and toilets breathe the spirit of Marcel Duchamp into the air of the garden…

Here is a miniature of what a garden tub can give. Clever!

10. Recycle old containers in the garden

There, at the back of the cupboard, would it not be an old porcelain teapot lying alongside an old forgotten zinc watering can? Rather than letting them get dusty, give them a second life in the garden after a good wash, a few holes and a plant upcycling session. An idea to decline with all the old charming containers with attics and garages abound…

Do not throw away your old teapot, it will be perfect in the garden to accommodate your cacti!


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