Tutorial: transform a globe into a chalk board

Tutorial: transform a globe into a chalk board

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Ah, the terrestrial globes, who has never dreamed of exotic trips by spinning their globe? Yes yes, we are all probably thinking of the same thing: the famous advertisement in which lottery winners choose their destination at random ... Well, today I am not taking you on a trip, sorry, but I still have something make peace with your globe! We are going to transform a terrestrial globe into a chalk board.


- A globe ; - A spray can of chalk board type paint; - A spray of colored paint.

Budget: 20 euros Duration: 60 minutes


1. Start by delicately removing the globe from its axis. Attention, do not force too much and pay attention to the electric wires if you use a light globe.

2. Then arrange the two parts on newspaper and paint them with a spray paint in a ventilated place. Use special chalk board spray paint for the globe, and another paint for the support. Place the globe on a small bottle or support to hold it securely. Hold the sprayer about six inches from the items to paint them evenly, then allow to air dry for fifteen minutes. As I often recommend, use the spray paint that graffiti artists like! These cost less and are easier to use. Obviously, be sure to use a mask to protect yourself.

3. Once the two elements are completely dry, you will be able to assemble them. Wait at least 48 hours before drawing with chalk on the globe, otherwise you will leave marks.


And now, you now have a unique globe! Upon reflection, I tell myself that I might have liked it with the black support or in a lighter color. But the advantage of spray paint is that you can iron a new coat very easily. In any case the result pleases the house very much!

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