What to do with the objects you want to get rid of?

What to do with the objects you want to get rid of?

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With the arrival of spring, the time for major cleaning is striking, as is the hour for major storage. It is the period of the year during which everyone sorts and shines their interior with a thousand lights. We often find that if a lot of objects are no longer useful to us, we keep them simply because we don't really know what to do with them. Who should you give them to? Where can we drop them off? Here is a little reminder of the different solutions available to you.

Donate your books

If you have books, DVDs, CDs, video games that you don't read or use anymore, giving them to your little cousin (who probably won't use them) is not the only option. The Recyclivre association, for example, collects all these objects and then resells them to be able to finance education programs in the regions of the world that need them. So you can do a good deed just by sorting at home. The most of Recyclivre? If you live in a city where they work, they pick up your books from you, you don't even have to travel.

Donate your items to an association

Furniture and clothes in good condition which you no longer need will certainly make someone happy. By donating them to an association like Emmaüs, you ensure that the funds raised from your property will go to a good cause.

What do I do with my damaged clothes?

Obviously, you will not be able to donate damaged clothes to associations… Your old clothes with holes / stains / etc. can nevertheless be recycled: indeed, in town, you will find containers - Le Relais for example - in which you can leave ALL your textiles, damaged or not. It is they who sort for these textiles to be donated or recycled. The only instructions: clothes and household linen must be left clean and dry and your shoes must be linked in pairs.

Garage sales

Most municipalities organize once or twice a year a garage sale for residents. You can rent a stand there for a few euros and spend the weekend selling items and clothes you no longer use, a good solution that allows you to both get rid of what you no longer want at home and to get some money back. To find out if your municipality is organizing such an event, contact your town hall.

Sell ​​online to declutter my closets

If organizing for a garage sale seems complicated, try to sell online! For all your objects, there is Leboncoin.fr, for your clothes, you will find various empty dressing rooms online. The main thing is to take pictures of your objects in such a way that they make you want. In situation, it's even better! Take photos from all angles and be honest about the wear and tear of the object and small defects so as not to create disappointment in your potential buyers!

The recycling center

There is bound to be a recycling center near you. You can bring almost all the furniture and objects you no longer need. In general, we go there to get rid of things that are too bulky or too damaged. There are however a few rules to follow. Depending on the recycling center, some objects will not be accepted (this is often the case for halogen bulbs). Before going there, take care to sort your waste (glass with glass, scrap with scrap ...) because on site, you will have to throw them in corresponding bins. Note that household appliances, used batteries, chemicals (typically containers of household products) as well as mineral and vegetable oils cannot be thrown in the dumpsters but well entrusted to the keeper of the recycling center.