Step by step: making fat balls for birds

Step by step: making fat balls for birds

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What to do then? Provide them with food and fatten them to increase their chances of survival. It is also a great way to observe and photograph them, while learning their habits. You will be surprised to see the hierarchy which settles within the same species to peck, but also between different species, the ones bickering with the others.

  • Difficulty : way
  • Cost : around 10 euros (Vegetal € 6 / kg, sunflower seeds € 2 / kg, raffia € 2 / 50g)
  • Tools required : - Vegetal (hydrogenated coconut oil), tallow or lard. - seeds for birds (pipasses or others). - yogurt pots. - raffia or twine.
  • Optional: - a piece of parchment paper. - cookie molds. - pieces of wood.

Step 1: Melt the oil

Melt the Vegetal in a saucepan. As soon as it is melted, turn off the heat so as not to overheat it, not to cook the seeds, but also so that it cools faster.

Step 2: Add the food

Add the seeds to the oil.

You can add apples or cookie crumbs.

Step 3: The production of the support wire

A pot of yogurt weighs its weight. Also, to avoid seeing it fall when hung, it is necessary to place "anchors" inside the pot to keep the grease around the wire.

Tie a knot around the matches with the raffia and slide them into the pot.

Step 4: Fill the jar

Pour the melted oil and seed mixture into the pot while holding the wire in the center.

Step 5: Let cool

It's winter, take advantage of the cold outside to cool faster.

Step 6: Unmold

If, by pulling on the thread, the contents do not come out, let warm water run over the pot while pulling on the end of the raffia.

After a few moments, the content will exit without forcing.

Step 7: Hang the grease ball

That's it, it's over, you just have to hang the ball at the chosen place.

Step 8: Variant (optional)

The procedure is the same, but allows you to bring a little decorative touch to these bird pantries.

Use cookie cutters in place of yogurt pots.

Dip the base of the mold in the oil and then place it on the parchment paper. This will create a strong seal that will prevent the liquid oil from escaping from the bottom of the mold when you fill it.

Put the molds on the paper and place a string of raffia in the mold as shown in the photo, and tie a knot to prevent it from sliding.

Fill the molds as for the yogurt pots.

On the right the molds were previously soaked, on the left not.

Unmold by pushing gently.

Here is the first form, let's take care of the others.

As we want to make a mobile, we will cross two pieces of wood and fix them together with raffia.

It's over, in addition to offering food, you just made a nice perch for tightrope walkers, and you spent part of your afternoon having fun.