The Aloe vera plant: 5 reasons to grow it at home

The Aloe vera plant: 5 reasons to grow it at home

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If you haven't heard of Aloe Vera in recent times, you may be living in a cave. This succulent whose gel is considered a true elixir of beauty never ceases to be talked about for its cosmetic and dietetic virtues. So much so that we almost forget that this very simple plant deserves to be cultivated with us, indoors and outdoors, for at least 5 good reasons. Quick, an Aloe vera at my house!

1 / Aloe vera is a graphic plant easy to grow

With its long pointed leaves, Aloe vera is one of the indoor plants that immediately bring a touch of modernity to the decoration. But what makes this succulent an essential variety is that it is very resistant and undemanding. Thanks to its famous gel, it only requires a small watering per week and resists forgetfulness (that the one who never forgot to water his plants raises his finger!). Indoors, Aloe vera is grown in pots. It supports heating without flinching but prefers light baths to the lack of natural lighting. Outdoors, it does not tolerate temperatures below 10 ° C and does not resist freezing, it is better to bring it in before the first cold weather.

A plant to offer to those who don't have a green thumb

2 / Aloe vera, a plant champion in the fight against indoor pollution

Once installed in your living room, your office or your bedroom, Aloe vera is ready to do real little miracles to purify the ambient air. Judge for yourself: a plant is capable of absorbing almost all of the carbon monoxide in a room, as well as most of the pollutants such as benzene, toluene and formaldehydes, the molecules responsible for many ailments. At night, it releases oxygen and even acts on general well-being. And as if that were not enough, it also reduces allergies and limits the proliferation of mites. For a bit, we would be tempted to install an Aloe vera in all rooms, right?

An ideal plant for purifying indoor air in a room

3 / A natural solution against the waves

But the benefits of Aloe vera do not stop there! According to some studies, this plant not only has depolluting capacities, like many other green plants, but it would also have the power to fight against the harmful aspects of electromagnetic waves. As a precaution, it is therefore highly recommended to place a plant next to your computer, your Wi-Fi box and ... your bed.

Here is a weapon against the side effects of electromagnetic waves!

4 / Aloe vera, an SOS treatment against burns

If you want to benefit daily from the virtues of Aloe vera gel, it is better to buy it in a bottle in health food stores. As a gel, it can be kept in the fridge and used as a skin care product to hydrate, soothe and heal. Many brands also market it in the form of drinks for those who wish to take advantage of its detoxifying properties. But even if you only have a small plant at home, nothing prevents you from using the gel in an exceptional way to soothe a burn or a sunburn! Just cut a sheet with scissors, open it lengthwise and take the gelatinous substance to apply it directly on the skin. Applied as a mask on the face, Aloe vera is also an excellent moisturizer that leaves the skin feeling soft. A real miracle plant!

The favorite plant for lovers of homemade cosmetics

5 / Aloe vera, a lucky plant

With so many virtues, it is not surprising that Aloe vera is considered in many countries as a lucky plant! For the superstitious, it removes evil spirits from the home and brings happiness and prosperity to the families who cultivate it. Another good reason to run to buy an Aloe vera ... Unless it is not already done?

A great gift idea for a housewarming party!


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