Delphine et Romain's living room

Delphine et Romain's living room

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. Solid oak parquet restoration We decided to protect this wood with an invisible matt acrylic varnish, so that the rendering is very clear. Thus, all types of furniture, rugs and sofas can be highlighted. We remain at your disposal to inform you about the maintenance of all kinds of vitrified parquet. PATRICK SERVICES Tel: Facebook: // 60004505 Multicolored Dessert Mat Purists will love it: the Dessert carpet by benuta adapts perfectly to any environment thanks to its geometric patterns in contrasting colors. No matter what room it is in, its short polypropylene bristles make it a hard-wearing and easy-care carpet. In addition, its material has excellent insulating properties (noise and heat) and is very resistant to light. Finally, it is ideal for underfloor heating. A rug made to last and that will bring you a lot of happiness! 60002390 Pastel rug Geomet turquoise This rug directly catches your eye: triangles of all colors stand out from the gray-beige set of Pastel Geomet and thus create a soft and colorful style that transforms this rug from the benuta collection into a charming asset for your decoration. The pastel shades of this rug combine perfectly with a light or dark decoration and thus dress your interior in an elegant and refined way. The carpet consists of rather soft and pleasant curly threads which are easy to maintain and keep their color for many years. BENUTA The benuta carpet online store offers a huge collection of modern rugs. As a carpet specialist, benuta offers elegant designer rugs as well as comfortable long pile rugs or even beautiful children's rugs: everyone will find what they are looking for. The benuta teams are constantly on the lookout for new decorative trends in order to adapt them to their carpets and offer their customers the widest possible variety of modern or classic designs. Benuta produces a large number of its carpets to ensure favorable prices and excellent quality. This shop takes priority to use quality materials to guarantee a beautiful and long life to its carpets. Most carpets are directly in stock, so benuta provides fast and quality transport in cooperation with internationally renowned transport companies. Benuta customer service is available for any questions regarding products or orders. Contact information : benuta GmbH Hohe Straße 87 53119 Bonn Germany Telephone: +49 228 - 96 96 89-5 Mail: [email protected] Instagram: // Facebook: //www.facebook .com / / Pinterest: //


. Creation of a tailor-made screen: We create wooden screens or Claustras (MDF), original and harmonious, "Handmade" to be both useful for your decoration project of your interior space. Only present on the Net, we try to offer you our perforated panels with or without fixings. -Unique design -Simple to install -High quality workmanship DESIGN SCREENS // Tel: 33 0635 455 746 Mail: [email protected] Facebook: // Pinterest: //


. Scandinavian style armchair Scandinavian style, this leather armchair invites itself into your living room and is available in 4 colors: burgundy, brown, gray, blue and red Total height 81, Seat height 42, Width 71, Depth 60, Seat depth 50 cm L'ABCD'Aire, a tasty blend of the charm of the old and the latest decor trends. 1000 m2 of Antiquity, flea market and new All the models visible on our site DINING TABLE EXTENSIBLE DESIGN WALNUT FIFTIES WHITE HEVA WOOD CHAIRS SET OF 2 SOFIA BALTIK NATURAL ASH 2-DRAWER DESIGN TV FURNITURE NORI YELLOW AND ASH FABRIC DESIGN ARMCHAIR DESIGN SOFA 3 SEATS GRAY FABRIC AND NORI ASH MILIBOO Facebook: // Twitter: // Instagram: // 2 Red Counter Metal Chairs FAMILY COUNTER 2 DSW Chairs in Surf color 2 DSW Chairs in Olive color PRIVATE CHAIR The website address: // Tel: 09 70 44 55 75 Kit of two Scandinavian house-shaped shelves You can also find our famous set of 2 home-shaped shelves, inspired by the Scandinavian style at this address: // .html THE SWEET NIGHTS OF MAE Real ambience creator for your rooms, the website Les Douces Nuits de Maé offers a wide variety of linens: from simple plain fitted sheets to printed duvet covers and flannel bed linen, for your bed linen retain only one address: // 740 rue du Stade 88650 Anould Tel: Site: // Facebook: // Twitter: // Google Plus: // Pinterest: // Children's rattan armchair VERTBAUDET // Maisons du Monde - "Louisiana" Rocking Chair - Natural rattan structure - Dimensions: Height 100cm x Width 60cm x Depth 95cm HOUSES OF THE WORLD //


. A foam play station , to create a reassuring and soft space. It will allow this hypotonic little girl to move around in her new play space all alone and safely. She won't be able to hurt herself in this welcoming and flexible foam alcove. The two spaces on the sides can serve as toy boxes and for the larger of the two, a cozy nest where the little girl can curl up like in a reassuring cocoon. This structure is part of the Reggio pedagogy, which defines the child as an active and autonomous personality. All the products of this pedagogy from Italy, promote the sensory development of children, push them to discover their world. This exclusive creation is made of fireproof foam covered with ecosoft fabric, soft to the touch. This product respects the environment and the sensitivity of children: ecological, non-polluting, not releasing harmful substances during its use, it is the ideal ally to spend long hours of play comfortably installed. Little extras: 1 year warranty and very easy to clean. HABA France // "For 78 years, the Haba family company has been designing and manufacturing high-quality furniture, play structures, toys and games, mostly made of natural wood. We are leaders in the development and design of spaces dedicated to children or We are constantly innovating in order to offer you personalized, convivial and comforting spaces, with a view to well-being for everyone on a daily basis. We offer advice, personalized follow-up and implantation ideas for create your own different space, with a unique design. Discover through our catalog and our website our planning concepts, representatives of the Haba spirit: Grow Upp, Montessori, Reggio Pedagogy, Snoezelen, etc… " Facebook: // Tel: Mail: [email protected] 3 White roller blinds MADECO //


. Octagonal ceramic vase ø16x17cm White - YUB410003 DUO candlestick in aluminum 17,2x30x30cm - Copper CMT703001 Pixel paper notebook 14x21cm Ocher - SJN780005 Gray - SJN780006 COMING B // Facebook: // Instagram: // Pinterest: // Macrame suspension for succulents or other plants to bring a touch of bohemian to your interior. TIMELESS HOUSE on A little Market // Etsy // Social networks: Instagram Constance flat plate (ref 25289) Material: earthenware Dimensions: D28.5cm Timeless pitcher (ref 26958) Material: crystalline Capacity: 1.2L Rosalie dish (ref 29084) Material: earthenware Dimensions: D11.5cm Pineapple lemon scented candle (ref 29444) Materials: earthenware + wax Dimensions: D11.5 x H21.5cm TABLE SIDE Tableware and Charming decoration Rue Radio Londres - 33130 Bègles 05 56 69 68 68 All the information is available on Fedora table knife (ref 133397) Material: stainless steel Fedora table fork (ref 133394) Material: stainless steel Fedora table spoon (ref 133395) Material: stainless steel Fedora coffee spoon (ref 133396) Material: stainless steel GENEVIEVE LETHU French brand specializing in tableware Rue Radio Londres - 33130 Bègles 05 56 69 68 68 All information is available on Bouquet of flowers PAROLE DE FLEURS, plant professionals Facebook: // Graphic pink cushion Ref: AF0670 Graphic mustard cushion Ref: AF0670 Graphic blue cushion Ref: AF0672 HOUSE DOCTOR Mail: [email protected] Blue Bottle Vase Ref: SM0100 White Scales Vase Ref: CH0501 HOUSE DOCTOR Mail: [email protected]


. Workshop "Rattan mirrors" The rattan mirror trend is back. And now, instead of looking for it in a flea market, you can learn how to make it to build your own collection. Weaving in traditional basketwork is to be discovered during workshops dedicated to L'Établisienne with Vivi; and you will leave with your mirror. Virve Boesch / Authentic Nordic DIY creations & lessons // // Instagram, Pinterest & twitter: @avecvivi The ÉTABLISIENNE Shared workshop 88 Bd de Picpus 75012 Paris Tel: direct link: // Vintage Clear Rattan Sun Mirror Vintage rattan mirror from the 50s Oompa // // Oompa is an online store of vintage, Scandinavian furniture and decoration from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Original furniture, restored or revisited. Furniture, 20th century design. Workshop in Rennes - Private visit by appointment. Rattan mirror Vertbaudet VERTBAUDET The painting : INSULATING AQUAPRIM: // Formulated with water, the insulating aquaprim is a multi-purpose microporous insulating print. AQUAPRIM MICRO: // Formulated with water, aquaprim micro is a microporous print available in the finish shade. NAE: // Paint formulated with natural and bio-based components In addition to being decorative, Naé paints are respectful of the environment, health, and future generations. Indeed, these are formulated based on natural and biobased components and combine technical performance and eco-responsibility. Thus, Naé paintings hardly reject C.O.V. and volatile materials, their impact on the environment is reduced, and a majority of the raw materials used in their production are renewable. Ecolabel certified in White and shades. Available in printing and two finishes (mat and velvet) • shade D-044 SIRENE UNIKALO Link to resellers: //


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