Couple story: build an Ikea furniture and survive!

Couple story: build an Ikea furniture and survive!

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Life together is made up of love, fresh water ... and kit furniture to decorate your interior. We choose with love our Ikea library when, at the time of finalizing the new room in our living room, it's drama! "The holes are missing to fix board n ° 8", "Ah board n ° 3 is upside down", "Oh my God, we have to start all over again" ... To avoid reproducing this scenario in real version during the assembly of your Ikea furniture, the editorial staff of dé gives you some tips.

To assemble your Ikea furniture, carefully follow the instructions

No, the assembly instructions are not the encrypted work of a Swedish engineer in need of perversion but THE survival guide for assembling his Ikea furniture. So trust him ... especially if the intuition of sir (or madam) tells you to do the opposite! The manual specifies that it must be 3? Do not try to do it together! In the same way if it is tempting to use a hammer to drive in this damn board no.5, it is essential to make sure beforehand that you do not have board no.8 in your hands (identical to board B5 but without the small holes, it is specified on page 6 of the assembly instructions).

When assembling your Ikea furniture, proceed in a methodical and complementary manner

If METOD is the name of an IKEA kitchen range, this is also your new watchword. Before starting the assembly, carefully read the assembly instructions in turn to try to understand the logic. Then meticulously classify the pieces of the package by category. The boards will preferably go on a plaid (or a carpet) to avoid damaging the furniture (and the parquet!). The furniture will then be assembled in a complementary manner. While Madame follows the instructions in the assembly instructions, Monsieur assembles. When you are fed up, you reverse and you do not forget to regularly take a look at the instructions for the furniture in the making, regularly and in turn, throughout the assembly.

Stay zen and focused in all circumstances

Useless to insult the assembly plan, the accursed board n ° 6 or worse your woman / man who obviously missed (like you) the test of do-it-yourself with the vat… Zen you will remain in any circumstance! Finally, do not shout neither victory, nor defeat, even when the delivery is near (including if you took the board n ° 3 on the little toe). A second of inattention can upset the balance of the furniture (and sometimes the couple). To avoid any assembly error: stay zen and focused in all circumstances!


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