Illuminated bottle

Illuminated bottle

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1 cutting pliers Silver plastic coated electric wire 1 small electric domino 1 light garland 1 silver paint can 1 drill 1 bottle of fruit juice (1.5 l) 1 small electrician's screwdriver 1 hammer 1 nail 1 silver socket 1 silver switch


10 'Electrical connection

With the wire cutters, cut the electric wire of the garland 5 centimeters below the last bulbs and connect it to the electric domino. Remove the bulbs from the sockets and save them.

10 'Painting

Paint the garland with a silver spray, being careful to cover all surfaces (wire and sockets) and allow to air dry.

10 'Drilling

Using an 8 mm special earthenware drill bit, drill a hole in the bottle 3 cm from the base.

25 'Electric mounting

Cut the plasticized electric wire to two thirds and strip the ends of the two pieces. Carry out the electrical assembly as indicated on the sketch pdf: 277628 and bring the end of the bare wire into the bottle through the hole previously drilled. Take out the wire of the electrical assembly by the neck and fix it to the domino on the garland. Replace the bulbs on the garland and slide the garland into the bottle.


If piercing the bottle with the electric drill seems too complicated, make a hole in the cover and pass the electric wire through this hole.

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