The real recipe for hot chocolate

The real recipe for hot chocolate

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Although the cold is settling in quickly, there is no question of depriving the stomach of some taste pleasures to warm up with greed. Synonymous with conviviality and sharing, hot chocolate brings young and old together to bring comfort in this winter season. The editorial staff of dé gives you a recipe for happiness to consume (almost) without moderation!

The ingredients for your hot chocolate

- 2 liters of milk - 2 bars of dark chocolate, including a bar of pastry chocolate - 3 tablespoons of heavy cream - 3 tablespoons of sugar - A few drops of vanilla extract - A few pinches of cinnamon

Make hot chocolate: in the kitchen!

In a saucepan heated over low heat, insert the milk. Take the tablets to break them into large pieces. Once the milk is warm, add the chocolate to the pan. Gently stir the mixture until you get a perfect osmosis of the two. Add the crème fraîche which is quickly beaten with a whisk to remove unsightly lumps. Now grab the sugar and vanilla extract in this order before adding a hint of cinnamon to the hot drink.

The recipe for hot chocolate is so simple that it is difficult to resist the temptation to consume it all winter!

Hot chocolate: we vary the pleasures!

Once you have made your recipe, you can vary the flavors as you wish. The longer the chocolate stays above the stove and the thicker its appearance, you choose the consistency of the latter to taste it as a light coulis or rather chocolate smoothie. Cinnamon is a sweet and sparkling spice that goes perfectly with the aromas of chocolate - other dishes can reveal the taste of cocoa with indulgence like coarse salt, caramel or ginger. All associations are allowed provided that the dosage is subtle.

The gourmet final touch of good hot chocolate: marshmallow! It will complete to immerse you in a world of sweetness!

The decorative touch in addition: once poured into a nice service, we sprinkle the hot chocolate with a few marshmallows for more tenderness. A chic and gourmet duel between the iced chestnut of our chocolate and the powdery pink of these fluffy candies: guaranteed success!