RJ Architecture, the human being at the heart of interior architecture

RJ Architecture, the human being at the heart of interior architecture

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"It all starts with an encounter, an exchange, a dialogue that allows us to understand the subject. Then comes the time to study from different points of view, identical to a model that we draw or sculpt. This first approach allows "to see the perspectives, the first ideas, the feeling or the sensitivity that will lead to the elements of response. I like to provide a tailor-made response for each project. A different approach is necessary because we are and we live in a different way … "Underlines the interior designer, Rachel Joly founder of RJ Architecture.

Making people want to go home with pleasure is the main role of an interior designer. The RJ Architecture agency thus creates warm and elegant interiors to make this dream come true.

Sculpt the space to reveal it, make it peaceful, welcoming as a response to your lifestyle is the priority of this agency which has chosen to specialize in interior architecture. Always looking for different forms of expression, the architect always keeps sobriety and harmony as the leitmotif. Passionate about the arts since childhood, Rachel Joly found her way in interior architecture while continuing to feed her creativity by practicing drawing, sculpture or painting for example.

"I draw my inspiration from everything I see: objects or nature. By browsing the Internet: Spanish, Korean, or Finnish architects are revealed, the sources of inspiration and references are endless. I also like to watch and contemplate sculpture or design, which give me material for creation and reinterpretation. It is important to stay open to have new ideas and constantly evolve, "says Rachel Joly.

A true enthusiast who sees each project as a new journey, you will never want to leave your home. Listening to you, the agency makes every effort to best meet your expectations and does not hesitate to travel throughout the territory to carry out your projects, whether you are an individual or a professional. Rachel Joly invites you to share her artistic universe on her site on which you can also discover all her achievements. Contact : By appointment: 27, rue Saint Patrice, 76000 Rouen Telephone: 06 5131 88 43 Site: Facebook page:


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