Install a jacuzzi at home

Install a jacuzzi at home

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You have tried to make bubbles in your bathtub but nothing helps, you still dream of a jacuzzi worthy of the thalassotherapy of Saint-Malo? How about trying the hot tub at home? Choice, budget, installation and types of jacuzzis: we take stock of the questions to ask before getting equipped.

From the invention of the jacuzzi to the jacuzzi at home

We owe the invention of bubble baths to a group of cultivators of Italian origin: the Jacuzzi brothers. To meet the health needs of one of their members, the siblings create a hydraulic immersion pump usable in a domestic bathtub. The J-300 pump, the ancestor of the jacuzzi, was born. Many took them. It was not until the dawn of the 1970s that Roy Jacuzzi integrated the concept into a bathtub thanks to a system of nozzles distributed on the walls. A successful invention that soon established the brand name as a generic term in its own right. Are we not talking about a jacuzzi to designate a spa, a hot tub or even a whirlpool? First intended for luxury hotels and other spa and balneotherapy centers, the jacuzzi or spa soon began to interfere in the house. Enjoy the benefits of the hot tub without having to move from home: the idea is enough to seduce ... Who has never vibrated in unison with the sensory well-being provided by thousands of bubbles of water? Having your own jacuzzi at home means enjoying this feeling of weightlessness while staying in the comfort of your own home. Whether installed on the terrace or indoors, the jacuzzi is there to erase the torments of the day under the action of the whirlpools of water. And that, of course, makes you dream ...

A jacuzzi embedded in the wooden terrace to relax without leaving your home: the idea has something to seduce!

Indoor jacuzzi VS outdoor jacuzzi

Indoor or outdoor jacuzzi? This is the first question to ask before equipping yourself ... The answer of course being a function of the space available and the configuration of the place. Installing a jacuzzi in its interior requires some prerequisites such as: - Having well-sealed walls, - Having a compliant and resistant floor (to support the weight of the jacuzzi + the weight of the water + the weight of its occupants), - Installing a efficient dehumidification, ventilation and / or ventilation system (to evacuate the humidity released by the evaporation of water), - Have a sufficiently wide door passage (to accommodate the bulky machine). Depending on the space you have available you will install your jacuzzi in the bathroom or better, in a dedicated room. Trendy and cocooning, the jacuzzi also often takes place under the veranda where it allows you to enjoy the view without having to worry about the weather. The idea of ​​listening to the birds sing (or of gazing at the sky) while bubbling in its bubble - or rather exactly in its bubbles - at the bottom of the snow-covered garden (or not) is very popular. The open-air jacuzzi, if it is generally simpler to make, should be placed sheltered from the wind. To take advantage of its jacuzzi whatever the season and the outside temperature, the gazebo - or spa shelter - is an alternative which is attracting more and more.

This portable 2-seater jacuzzi has the advantage of being ultra-compact and can be installed indoors or outdoors.

The elements to budget for installing a jacuzzi at home

From the low cost inflatable jacuzzi at € 500 to the luxury jacuzzi at € 50,000 there is a whole range of choices and prices. Some so-called "swim" jacuzzis even allow you to take a bracing dip in your hot tub. In all cases, you will have to choose between a free-standing jacuzzi - or portable jacuzzi - and a built-in jacuzzi (buried or semi-buried). If the built-in jacuzzi is intended to be installed permanently, its installation requires heavier earthworks and development. These interventions carried out by professionals are not without impact on the price of the built-in jacuzzi. More expensive than a so-called above-ground jacuzzi, the built-in jacuzzi is also more aesthetic and usually made to measure. Apart from the installation, these are the dimensions of the jacuzzi (2/3 places, 4/5 places, 6/7 places…), the materials used (wood, stone, concrete, synthetic…) and the different options (air nozzles, hydrojets, aerojets, power of massages, lighting, aromatherapy) which determine the price of a jacuzzi. The maintenance of the jacuzzi obviously has a cost that should not be overlooked in the forecast balance of your purchase. Cover your jacuzzi when you are not using it, treat your jacuzzi water (and renew it) regularly, clean the tank, check the water quality (pH, hardness) are all parameters to which it is appropriate to think before equipping but also once equipped. Your jacuzzi takes care of you, you must do the same…

This portable outdoor jacuzzi is equipped with 2 seats and 2 ergonomic massage beds.


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