Our most practical clothes rack ideas

Our most practical clothes rack ideas

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In steel, wood, wrought iron, on casters ... There are several types of racks, and each piece its specific use. In the hallway, he welcomes the jackets and coats of the guests, while in the bedroom, daily clothes are hung on pretty hangers. For large wardrobes, there are even adjustable and ultra-practical double clothes racks… In any case, we choose it stable, solid and aesthetic!

Made of wood for an ethnic spirit

With its natural look and an ethnic touch, the bearing in raw wood is a must in decoration. Not only is it chic, but practical. And to top it all, it is generally at an affordable price, since neither painted nor treated! We choose a simple and minimalist design to let all the beauty of wood express itself and we admire: in a very white entry or a Zen room, the result is stunning.

A hanging home made branch

And if we made it ourselves in DIY version, this famous bearing? We recover a beautiful thick branch, we tie a rope at each end and each is fixed to the ceiling, on hooks firmly screwed into ankles. Attention, all the same, we take a few precautions: first, we check that the diameter of the branch is not larger than our hangers, but large enough to support our wardrobe without breaking. Two, we rub the branch before hanging it, to avoid pieces of moss or wood debris on our pretty clean clothes!

Black metal to give an entry hallmark

Darling of the industrial decor, black metal is second to none to give style to a very (too?) white space. Perfect for an entry, therefore, in which we think more often useful than practical! Especially since a simple black metal rack does not cost much, goes perfectly with a designer pedestal table and supports the comings and goings of the hangers without (too) being damaged.

In white metal to decorate a child's room

In a child's bedroom, the black metal clothes rack is generally too marked ... The white metal clothes rack is perfect! Chic and minimalist, it is forgotten to better highlight the funky clothes of the little ones. And with its discreet line, you can even have fun by choosing funny, designer or colorful hangers, to add a touch of madness to the white metal.

In white wood for a scandi spirit

For those who are looking for the most unbeatable item of decor, this is it. White painted wood, discreet lines and a Scandinavian style that fits everywhere. In a white hallway, a cocooning room or a minimalist studio, it's great! We choose it if possible with a shelf at the bottom of the rack to store the shoes and clear the floor, we provide decorative hangers in wood or even white, that's how to enhance clothing AND decor at the same time.

In double version to store more clothes

The cupboards overflow and the drawers explode? We opt for a smart and design storage solution with a double bearing, quite simply. Its X design adds a graphic note to the room and, above all, offers two bars for hanging clothes in addition to a support at the bottom for shoes. We choose it rather white or wood, on the other hand, to lighten the decor. And there is enough space to circulate around!

In mini version for the little ones

Small clothes, small clothes rack. In miniature version, the bearing for child is ultra-decorative, frankly cute and above all practical, since the little ones can grab and put away (or at least try to put away…) their clothes themselves. A good point for learning, a good point for decoration, especially since the mini rack also takes up less space in the room!

The classic metal on wheels

The most classic clothes rack is also often the cheapest. We will not tell you that it is the most design but sometimes, in a laundry room, closet or garage, the practical aspect is more important than the decor ... Especially since it is relatively neutral and if it is not really noticed, it can be forgotten. As for the casters, they allow you to drag the rack wherever you need it, from the ironing board to the bedroom! Ultra practical for everyday wear, it can be used to hang coats, shirts or pants. In wood, black or even metal, it knows how to be discreet in interior decoration!