All about repositionable wallpapers!

All about repositionable wallpapers!

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Do you love decoration and love change? Would you like to change your interior without changing your living space? The repositionable wallpaper is the new perfect decorating tip to satisfy your need for change and give style to your home. Easy to install - and to deposit - no need to be a DIY master to enjoy it. Let your imagination and creativity run wild in any room in your home.

Adhesive or repositionable wallpaper, quésaco?

If painting has long been the favorite option to decorate your interior at the expense of wallpaper, it is making a remarkable comeback in the world of decoration. More modern, richer in patterns, many designers have decided to create wallpapers in keeping with current tastes. And for this decorative accessory to be accessible even to neophytes, was born the adhesive or repositionable wallpaper. It has a non-woven paper side, which has the same resistance as a classic wallpaper and a self-adhesive side. This avoids misfires and rests the paper a second time (or even a third time). Once installed, this adhesive wallpaper can last up to ten years and much less if you wish. It is the ideal decorating trick to revamp your interior while having the possibility of making it evolve according to your desires.

With the repositionable wallpaper, you can opt for very graphic prints without regret!

Easy decoration

Are you tired of your interior but don't have the necessary utensils to get started on major projects? Do you suddenly want to upset your decor so that it is more in line with your current tastes? You can choose repositionable wallpaper at any time and easily. With him, exit the glue, the scissors, the brushes! For the most seasoned as well as for the novices, it is very simple to apply, like a giant sticker. A few steps are enough to get a perfect result: 1. Prepare the area you want to cover, it should be clean and preferably smooth and with little roughness. On a surface that is not smooth, the paper could tend to peel off or bubble. 2. Position your wallpaper in the desired location by first peeling off the adhesive sheet over 20 centimeters. Go from top to bottom. Do not worry if you are not satisfied with the first pose, its main quality is that it can be repositioned. Then continue bonding until you fully cover the desired area. 3. Apply the surface of your wallpaper without forcing, starting from the top to the bottom and from the inside to the outside to evacuate the air and avoid the creation of air bubbles. 4. Admire the work done!

In the children's room, it's perfect!

Ephemeral or lasting aesthetics wherever you want

Repositionable wallpaper has this unique advantage of allowing you a bespoke but also ephemeral (or permanent!) Decoration. Your wishes for changes are allowed! This ultra-resistant paper once installed can be removed very easily without damaging the surfaces on which it is placed. Are you renting and tired of the white walls of your home? No more problems with your landlord, or worry about your deposit because the repositionable wallpaper allows a temporary decoration if you wish. Do you like to evolve your interior according to trends? The adhesive wallpaper increasingly developed by many creators adapts following the decorative effects. Ethnic chic, graphic, sober, modern, there is something for everyone and the richness of the patterns will be an opportunity for you to assert your character in your interior. In addition, the repositionable wallpaper allows you to let your creativity run free! You no longer dress only the sections of walls but also the risers, cupboard doors, add unique strips to your walls to give a style that suits your home.

We love this use of repositionable wallpaper in the dining room!

Where to find it?

More and more designers are imagining repositionable wallpapers to assert your style in different places of your accommodation. La Boutique du Grand Cirque offers a wide selection of repositionable graphic, chic and poetic wallpapers in soft colors that will give your home a unique and inimitable style. The Chasing Paper shop has an incredible series of adhesive wallpapers around the flora and fauna to give an exotic and original touch to your walls or your closets. For the little ones, a multitude of repositionable wallpapers that will adapt to each age and can evolve according to their desires.