Our tips for building a child-friendly entrance

Our tips for building a child-friendly entrance

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The entrance to an apartment or a house is the passageway, a strategic room which, if it is not well optimized for storage, can quickly become a big endless bazaar. With children, it gets clogged up even faster ... And yet, when we get home, we all want a welcoming and tidy entrance ... I don't know about you, but the entrance is the room that is the most messy in my house. Between the coats, the bags and the scarves that accumulate on the coat rack, the mail piled up on the console, the shoes that are not always stored, the scooter, objects in transit, it is often crowded and clutters my mind! I therefore seek to optimize the storage of the entrance, these must be adapted to my 3 year old son, so that he can easily store his things. You don't necessarily have the budget to invest in custom-made furniture, but with a little imagination, you can find, divert furniture, or make your own cool storage solutions. After some research, here are some good ideas to copy for an organized and optimized entry for the whole family. Whether you have a small or large entrance, square or long, draw the good ideas and adapt them according to your needs and the space you have.

State of play

When you have children, there are many things that clutter up the entrance: school bags, coats and shoes, outdoor toys, stroller, scooter, bike, balance bike, skateboard or rollerblades ... Think so everything you have to store in the entrance and imagine your ideal entry by optimizing the space and occupying that of the walls: coat hooks, boxes, seats, shelves, racks, table, keychain ...

Storage for shoes, accessories and toys

Regardless of the container, your children should have a space to store their shoes, accessories and toys. This can be boxes, baskets, metal lockers, everyone can find according to their style and needs. Here, painted boxes and crates are hung at different heights.

Hooks at the right height

To hang the coats, the satchel, the oilskin, the umbrella, install hooks at children's height. You will gain in efficiency, children will easily find their belongings to dress on their own. You can play the multiplication of coat hooks of different sizes and colors, which in addition to being functional, are aesthetic!

A family command center

Family life is far from being a long, peaceful river, it is essential to be organized on a daily basis if we want to avoid crises, forgetfulness, big failures, reminders to order… The entrance is the ideal place to install a family organizer or family command center. But what is it exactly? The idea is to centralize in the same place, all the information of family life, to gain efficiency. On a table that you have bought or made, you group together all of the family's appointments on a weekly schedule, the mail to be processed, the shopping list, the list of menus, the papers to sign for the children, etc. every day, you are sure not to forget anything! For the little ones, you can dedicate a small space to them where a time beam, inspired by the Montessori methodology, will allow your child to find his way in time. We can also hang a daily / weekly schedule with the key moments and the list of tasks: I eat lunch, I wash, I dress…

You can paint a wall with slate and / or magnetic paint to make the family organizer. Children can also take advantage of this space to make beautiful drawings and leave you little words! You have to determine your needs for the family command center: - Calendar - Space for keys, phones - Mail - Photos - Child routine / Daily or weekly calendar and / or time beam - To do - To buy - To classify - Pencils / chalks

A seat to be able to put on

Whether it's a bench for the whole family or small chairs for children, don't forget to install a seat so that you and the children can put on their shoes comfortably. The advantage of the bench is that you can place it under the baskets. If you don't want to buy an overly expensive entryway cabinet, you can invest in a Kallax Ikea shelf, in which you install baskets, or make it with medium boards.


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