A night under the stars at 2,000 meters above sea level

A night under the stars at 2,000 meters above sea level

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Do you want an extraordinary night for lovers or friends? It's possible with the Starlight Room, a cocoon room with a view of the stars thanks to the bold glass walls that compose it. A most surprising sensory and design experience.

Full immersion

This architectural treasure is the fruit of the imagination of designer Raniero Campigotto. An extraordinary room - in the form of a cabin nestled in the heart of the mountains - with a view of the snow-capped chain of the Dolomites. Far from the light pollution of big cities which prevents any contemplation of the stars, the Starlight Room plays the card of exotic romanticism. Both comfortable and minimalist, the bedroom focuses on the essential: light. Because of the transparency of the walls, it is the natural light that dictates the dressing, the decoration, but above all the atmosphere of the room. From dawn to dusk, natural colors marry this modest haven of beauty with beauty, each time modulating an atmosphere that is as fleeting as it is shifting.

Starlight Room: more than a bedroom, a unique stay

To access this room at an altitude of 2,000 meters, you need to put on your snow shoes, your snowshoes or even get on a snowmobile. For 300 euros a night, lovers can indulge in a gourmet dinner under the stars (zucchini taglioni with pesto, artichoke ravioli, chocolate cake, etc.). Upon awakening, a breakfast is also provided. Beyond the pleasures of taste, everything is organized to guarantee the pleasure of the customer: flat-screen TV with the possibility of playing a DVD or a USB key in case the star show is not enough for you.

For more information, see the Starlight Room page.