9 ideas to revamp your interior when you are a tenant

9 ideas to revamp your interior when you are a tenant

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The desire to hang a frame, decorate your walls or furnish your kitchen is often felt when you are a tenant ... But now, it is well stipulated on the lease, "do not touch the walls, painting and the 1970's tiling. " Does the tenant have to give up his passion for decoration if he wants to recover his deposit? Proof that not in this article which goes around the decorative tricks to revamp its interior without putting back to back its lessor.

Hang frames without making holes

Tabs for hanging pictures, adhesive tape for frame, double-sided scratch, there are many alternatives to nails and ankles to hang your frames without making holes. Some of these decorative tips even support 4 to 5 kg of load. Enough to give life to the dreams of the wildest executive walls, whether you are a tenant ... or not!

Place your frames in the decor ... or on the ground!

Who says frames have to be wall mounted to be seen? A sideboard, a bookcase or a mantel can be used as supports to display frames and mirrors without piercing the walls. To brighten up an overly wise interior, bet on a series of frames of different sizes and / or place them directly on the floor. Guaranteed cleanliness of walls as on the first day of rental!

These frames placed in the decor are all inspirations for tenants looking for ideas to revamp their interior.

Paint your furniture (rather than the owner's walls)

Can't paint the walls? Tackle the furniture! Standard furniture, antique furniture, Billy bookcase or recuperated buffet in the kitchen: few pieces of furniture resist the power of a chromatic and / or graphic metamorphosis. A little paint, a blow of the bomb, stencils, stickers and / or slate paint and your interior is revamped ... and your deposit saved!

Warm up the atmosphere with one or more rugs

There's nothing better than a carpet to hide worn-out floors or camouflage old-fashioned flooring. Whether graphic, Berber, monochrome, ethnic, Persian, sheepskin effect or jute, the carpet dresses all interior styles and all the rooms of the house. This time, the owner will be jealous!

Very trendy, Boucherouite and Beni Ouarain rugs nicely hide the floors that the tenants can no longer see!

Using and abusing textiles

Unbeatable for enhancing a slightly overly neutral atmosphere, the textiles, beautifully selected and assorted, save you from attacking the walls of your apartment. wild printed bedding, graphic cushion cover, patterned curtains and other colorful plaids are enough to create an interior that suits you. No need to install an RTT to repaint walls that do not belong to you!

Invite the green plants inside

This is an easy and economical way to revamp your interior when you are a tenant. Palm trees, ficus, kentia and other cacti bring a lively and graphic note to the decor. And as long as you have the green thumb to cut your plants, this decorative tip will not cost you much…

These two stagings perfectly illustrate the power of plants in decoration. Tenants: invite the plants into your home!

Use smart home accessories

A coat rack rather than a coat hook, a floor lamp rather than a wall light, storage baskets rather than a shelf to be fixed to the wall ... here are as many decorative accessories that will save you from disputes with the owner. The most daring will bet on a decorative ladder or a trouser hanger to hang posters and photos using adhesive hooks. Decorating when you are a tenant is not that complicated!

Make a wall decoration with masking tape

The masking tape has everything to please tenants ... This little Japanese invented scotch works miracles in decoration. It allows (in particular) to fill a wall with posters, replace frames, create a headboard or customize a piece of furniture, all without damaging the walls!

Adopt repositionable wallpaper

If the white walls of your apartment really come out to you (at least as much as your landlord who categorically refuses that you repaint them), opt for repositionable adhesive wallpaper. Advantage and not the least, the temporary wallpaper is installed in the blink of an eye and is removed without leaving a trace. This way the deposit.

This repositionable adhesive with a strong personality is perfect for revamping your rental without leaving your deposit!


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