How to hide the electric wires?

How to hide the electric wires?

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Unsightly and bulky, electric wires have an annoying tendency to undermine our efforts in decoration! They have a knack for disrupting the beautiful layout of a refined piece. In a word, their invasive presence is perceived as an intrusion! Rest assured, solutions exist to silence unwanted cables and other wires.

With the chutes, hide this thread that I cannot see!

Regularly used by interior decorators, the chute has no equal in stealing unaesthetic electric wires from view. Inexpensive and easy to install, it offers a classic solution that has proven itself. For more discretion, opt for a chute matching the color of the wall. The magic of tone on tone will do wonders in the art of concealment!

To hide the electrical wires, the first solution is to hide them behind the plumes and the chutes.

A simple, effective and design solution to hide electrical wires!

A raw wooden board leaning against a wall is an ingenious decorative idea, to hide the presence of unwanted electrical wires. It will never occur to anyone that this decorative element actually has a utilitarian function! Directly inspired by the Scandinavian spirit, this solution enhances your interior with an elegant touch of rusticity. Clever, isn't it?

Perfectly integrated into the decor, the large wooden planks are perfect allies for hiding electrical wires.

With cables similar to marine ropes, dare to decorate the sailor!

To hide, electrical wires can also play the trick of the trompe-l'oeil! This is the case of these cables with the appearance of marine ropes, which make your interior breathe a little of the spirit of the open sea. Sometimes it just takes a few tricks to hide what needs to be…

Why hide electrical wires when they are an integral part of the decor? Here is the quick fix!

Say it with flowers: a nice solution to embellish your unsightly cables

When the electric wires find nowhere to hide, they adorn themselves with their finery, to make their presence pleasant to us. Here is a floral note to embellish an unsightly cable! Thanks to this trick, your office, your interior, opt for the natural style!

Electric wires are unsightly, either! So let's sublimate them with small ornamental leaves. A very "renewable energy" decor!

Showing off to hide better: the electric cable becomes a decorative element

Sometimes facetious electrical wires refuse to hide, preferring to make their defect an asset! The electric cable then becomes itself a decorative element. Light and airy, this minimalist chandelier is the perfect illustration.

A creative solution to integrate the wires into your decor: thus suspended, your electric wires become a design chandelier with the most beautiful effect!