Organize your entry for the start of the school year

Organize your entry for the start of the school year

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The entrance, this strategic place of the house, is even more so in these back-to-school times. In the morning, before leaving, she crystallizes all the worries of what should not be forgotten. In the evening, when you get home, it turns into a decompression airlock so that your family cocoon remains tidy. A well-organized entry is the assurance of a controlled day and a quiet evening. Here is how to make your entrance the perfect space to live more serenely this September.

A timetable table

A reminder is absolutely necessary because it allows you to check until the last moment if an important thing has not been forgotten. On condition, of course, that you must fulfill it effectively. The more people there are at home, the more difficult it is to know who is doing what. Between the violin lessons of the youngest, the parent-teacher meeting for the eldest or the visit to the veterinarian, there is something to lose your head. Today we use multiple tools (including IT) to keep this agenda but the good old memo at the entrance is still relevant. Its number one asset: being visible before it is too late. Place it at eye level, near the cloakroom for example. He will be able to remind you in time that you have a dentist appointment at 5.30 p.m. (even if you want to forget it). If the bonds have to be registered, do not miss the opportunity to pass nice messages on the board. Sometimes a simple “Good day” is enough to make the whole household happy!

Everyone has their place

If the entry allows, do not hesitate to dedicate a place for each member of the family. In this way, everyone is responsible for their space from the entrance. Several development solutions are available to you. You can assign a coat rack per person which will facilitate the storage of outdoor clothing. If you have a shoe cabinet, it will be easier to give everyone a shelf. You will understand, each piece of furniture useful for storage in the entrance should be compartmentalized when possible. With a fairly wide entrance, you can imagine storage cubes for each person. Make sure each child knows exactly where they should put their things when entering and so better find them the next morning when you are really in a hurry to leave. Finally pay attention to the accessibility of storage depending on the size of the children: we cannot ask the youngest to put away his jacket if he cannot reach the hook.

A mirror for a final check

We were all traumatized during our childhood by an express saliva wash just before going back to school. We do not want our children to relive this kind of experience and that is why we strongly recommend installing a mirror in the entrance. Objectively, this is not the only (good) reason. A foot mirror is also very useful if you want to check that our shoes match our outfit or if you hesitate between two jackets. In all cases, the mirror is the miracle solution for not arriving at school or at work with a stain, a smeared nose or an open fly. In terms of decoration, the mirror can also be of service to you since it can be used to visually enlarge your room or even brighten it up. If you lack space, consider choosing a mirror with shelf so you can also leave your keys and your mail.

A mirror at children's height so that they can also look at each other before leaving

Never without his keys

Since we come to the keys, remember that it is strongly recommended to give priority to these small practical items. Whether in the car or at home, these famous keys can waste our precious time when they are not where they should be. A priori, house keys are no longer useful when you are inside so you can assign them a specific place of storage. key cabinet or simple hook, it's up to you and according to your decor. The important thing is not to fail to store them always in the same place. For car keys, it can be interesting to establish the habit of emptying the pockets and the bag as soon as you return. Again, we choose a specific place and we are no exception to the rule otherwise it is useless. Take the opportunity to create a small setting with storage pockets, glass and metal boxes or jewelry boxes. Just because you want to be organized doesn't mean you have to ignore careful decoration.

With an entrance to corded furniture, it's easier!

Don't forget the fun

This is the last tip for this organized entry. Remember that this first room in the house must also and above all be pleasant. If your entrance looks like a command center or worse, an office, you will not be welcomed in the best of atmospheres. Take care of the presentation of your entry so that it inspires you before leaving and comforts you when you return.