How to create a room separation with curtains?

How to create a room separation with curtains?

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Arranging spaces is a delicate art. If the hard partitions have the advantage of sustainability, they also require expensive development work! And if you opt for a separation curtain? Whatever room is intended to accommodate it, it will fulfill its mission perfectly! While taking care of your decor ...

The curtain: a separation that opts for transparency!

Fluid and airy, the separation curtain is designed as a transparent partition that allows you to delimit spaces while bringing a note of lightness to your decor. In a master suite, an openwork curtain can mark the entrance to a dressing room or the bathroom. For a deliciously retro touch, bet on a semi-transparent curtain arranged around a four-poster bed! The sleeping area will then be surrounded by a veil of mystery, which catches the eye while preserving privacy. Suggesting rather than showing is the secret of desire ...

A separation curtain for a more intimate and cocooning effect in the sleeping area.

For an ethnic decor, we put on the separation curtain!

The separation curtain is found in all cultures and on all continents! That's good: you will take advantage of the universal character of this decorative element to bring an ethnic touch to your interior. Sober and minimalist, the Japanese fabric panels effectively delimit the spaces, while dimming the ambient light. Their little extra? A refined design, which allows them to integrate harmoniously into a contemporary interior! For a bohemian chic atmosphere, bet on a curtain with colorful ethnic patterns. Africa, South America or Asia: all you have to do is choose your destination!

Fabric dividing panels for a Japanese and refined decoration.

The separation curtain can also be daring!

Functional and removable, the dividing curtain has created a special place in our interiors. To meet the enthusiasm of the public, designers compete in inventiveness by offering ever more daring models. Floral spirit, geometric patterns or origami: the room dividers have not finished surprising you! You were looking for an original and inexpensive solution to set up a reading corner in the little one's room? A curtain in the colors of his favorite heroes is the decorative element you need!

Original separation curtains to enhance the decor!