Kitchen and bathroom: design at the heart of a successful project

Kitchen and bathroom: design at the heart of a successful project

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When you move in, it's difficult to visualize the most optimized and harmonious space. When it comes to the kitchen or bathroom, choosing your materials and the configuration of your furniture with care is nevertheless the key element of a living space that suits you. So, is it a good idea to hire a designer?

A project accompanied from A to Z

Julien Groizeau is the designer of kitchens, bathrooms and dressing rooms in Teillé, not far from Nantes. A cabinetmaker by training, he took over the family business by developing it into very contemporary proposals, with elegant design. He explains to us what makes the creation of a successful space: the quality of the furniture and materials, on the one hand, but also the arrangement which is made of furniture, and which must correspond to the rhythm of life and the desires of his clients. Calculation of passages, optimization of storage, performance of materials are all technical criteria that make the success of a project and which should not be overlooked. Obviously, the installation of furniture is essential, and in the Groizeau design workshop, specialized installers are attentive to detail.

Take advantage of expert advice from a designer

Calling on a designer also means taking advantage of his knowledge. The quality of the work of its suppliers is paramount: as a cabinetmaker, he "knows how to recognize good finishes as bad", which allows him to be sure of his selection. But it is also his role as an advisor, "dedicated to his clients' project at 100% from the pre-project to installation, carried out in-house", which ensures that he never has after-sales service at perform and see each of its customers satisfied.

Design & functionality

In terms of materials, resin seduces us, but is it a good idea? Mr. Groizeau advises us rather "the ceramic worktop, resistant to heat, scratches but also very hygienic". "The advantage over natural stone is that it is lighter, and comes in a variety of endless colors." For furniture, "the trend is towards black kitchens thanks to the advent of the Fenix, an extra-mat material with a velvety touch, which go very well with a canopy, even if white, mat or shiny, remains the most popular" . And in the bathroom then? "We prefer hanging furniture, which is more practical and easy to maintain".

Contact : Cuisines Groizeau, 134 rue des artisans, 44440 Teillé Phone: 02 40 97 22 86 Site: www.cuisines-groizeau.com Facebook page: www.facebook.com/lescuisinesgroizeau