How to easily wash your curtains and curtains?

How to easily wash your curtains and curtains?

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Do your curtains and sheers look gray? We give you all our tips for cleaning them without having to go to the laundry! Without forgetting our advice to maintain them on a daily basis and to restore their radiance! And because at home, we are adept at natural solutions, we give you our pipes to wash your curtains without having to use chemicals…

1. On a daily basis:

As with the rest of the household linen, the curtains and net curtains need to be maintained if you want to keep them for a long time and avoid washing them too often. And it starts with regular dusting! When you vacuum, for example, remember to bring the T-shaped tip to vacuum the curtains and curtains of your windows. You can also spin them cold in a dryer or scrub them dry with a cloth brush. If you notice a stain, consider rubbing it with Marseille soap or using a specific stain remover (depending on the material)! The task persists? Make way for the second step: the big cleaning!

2. The big cleaning:

Beyond regular maintenance, your curtains and curtains should be washed from time to time. Yes, but how do you know if it is possible to machine them? There is a simple trick for this. The idea is to test the color of your curtains by wetting a corner of the hem and placing a piece of cotton on it. Iron the test area: if the cotton becomes colored, this means that the color is not fixed properly. Result? Your curtains will not support machine washing and must be taken to the dry cleaners! If nothing has moved, your curtains can be machine cleaned! Before you start, remember to remove the metal parts (pins and hooks) or to tie the eyelets with a string to limit the drums of your machine from being damaged. To choose the wash program and the temperature, you must refer to the material of your curtains and curtains and to the recommendations on the labels. In all cases, it is recommended to choose a wash at low temperature (30 ° maximum) to avoid damaging them. In the same way, avoid spinning in the machine if you have the possibility of spreading them outdoors, especially when it comes to fragile materials such as linen, silk or even hemp… To protect them by machine, remember to slip them inside a pillowcase or a duvet cover (especially if they include beads, embroidery or other ornaments). For curtains and sheers in taffeta, batik, velvet or acetate, prefer hand washing! How? 'Or' What ? In a tub of warm water, gently rub your curtains with Marseille soap and do not let them soak for too long!

3. The boost:

Despite your efforts, are your curtains dull? If you find them tarnished, you can give them a little hold thanks to a grandmother's trick ... Just offer them starch! Soak your curtains and net curtains in a bucket with rice water diluted with clear water or a glass of starch powder. The good news ? In addition to being natural, starch is also renowned for protecting the curtains against dust! As for white curtains that turn yellow over time, you can give them back some sparkle with a few natural tips. Add a sachet of baking powder to the detergent drawer when it goes through the machine and they will come out brighter. If your curtains and sheers are fragile, soak them in hot lemon water (one lemon for one liter of water)! Finally, the essential baking soda will also be your best ally to restore shine to your curtains. Use a cup for 10 liters of water to soak them.