Animal cushions for a bestial style

Animal cushions for a bestial style

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Wild animal cushions: one concept, 1001 possibilities!

If you want to give a little character and a little side wild to your interior decoration without going into stuffed animals or trophy animal heads, play it in a subtle way and opt for them animal cushions ! of the original cushions and wildly trendy, which can come in many forms, such as:

  • The Ccushions with animal prints or classic animal heads: hen, rabbit, cat, dog, lion, peacock, domestic or wild animals, animals from Africa, Asia, America ... They land on the sofa and immediately give cachet to the room, and a small side gently shifted.
  • The cushions with "fur" print : if you like the zebra, leopard, tiger or even panther pattern, but you don't necessarily want a cushion that represents this animal in its entirety, you can absolutely choose a cushion printed with fur, more subtle but just as stylish!
  • The animal cushions in fun mode: dog with monocle and cigar, cat with sunglasses, rabbit dressed like a dandy, dromedary who wears a bow tie, cow who makes a bubble of chewing gum… the designers do not lack imagination when it comes to to stage our favorite animals in funny poses and unusual contexts. To bring a touch of pep's in a room, it's ideal!

Animal cushions for all atmospheres

What’s cool about animal motif cushionsis that in addition to being original and funny, they lend themselves to all possible atmospheres. So, to give a touch of country chic to your interior, favor cushions with patterns of hares, pheasants, hens or ducks evoking the countryside and / or hunting.

If you have decorated your living room in a slightly ethnic universe, a few cushions with fawn prints will enhance the exotic and wild side of your living room. Lions, monkeys, tigers, giraffes, buffaloes ... perfect for feeling disoriented at low cost and believing you are embarked on a real safari!
But if you just want to add a touch of originality to your decor without creating a special atmosphere, the cushions with cat, dog, panda or bird "classic" prints will do the job perfectly!

In terms of materials, here again, there is something for everyone: very soft faux fur, velvet or fabric covers, embroidery, wool ... you will be spoiled for choice! Same for the shapes, with rectangular, square, round, ovoid or completely barred animal cushions: all tastes are allowed!

Animal-shaped cushions to play the game thoroughly

Last option - rather intended for children's or babies' rooms, but not only! - if you like cushions and animals: choose cushions not with animal or animal fur prints on them, but accessories that include completely shaped like an animal!

In a "soft" version for a child's bedroom with a soft elephant, cat, dog, panda or bear cushion that can be used as a cushion or a comforter ... But also in a more fun version to decorate a living room or bedroom. adult with original cushions shaped like a crocodile, grizzly bear, funny cat or whatever! Again, the hardest part will be choosing from the hundreds of different models that exist.