Origami vase

Origami vase

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1 bottle of liquor 1 fine alcohol marker Scotch newspaper 1 spray paint in silver Origami paper 1 news: 739781 cutter 1 brush Acrylic binder 1 pretty label Glue in final spray


15 'Location

Using the marker, draw a horizontal line 9 cm from the base of the bottle. Be sure to protect the upper part of the cover by taping newspaper into it. Spray the bottom of the bottle with silver paint and allow to air dry.

35 'Application

Cut 2 cm wide strips from origami paper with the pdf pattern: 277642. Once the paint is dry, remove the protection on the top of the bottle. Coat the back of the strips with acrylic binder and apply them to the bottle with the brush, making sure that the entire unpainted surface of the bottle is well covered. Leave to dry for 10 minutes.

5 'Waterproofing

Using a brush, coat the entire paper surface with acrylic binder to waterproof it.

5 'Collage

Glue the label with spray glue, positioning it astride the painted part and the paper part.


Wash your paper vase with a damp sponge for longer life, the acrylic binder being poorly waterproof.

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