When and how to sharpen knives?

When and how to sharpen knives?

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The knife is certainly the number 1 essential in the kitchen! But did you know that from the first moment you use it, your knife starts to dull? And because there is nothing more annoying than a knife that does not cut, when preparing your meal, we decided to give you all the tips to know when and how to sharpen them.

When to sharpen knives?

In practice, the knives always get dull faster than expected. On a daily basis, it can be good to sharpen your kitchen knives every month (for professionals, it's every week!). However, if your knives are still as sharp, no need to worry. There is a very simple test, known as the onion: if you cry while cutting onions, it is because the blade is not sharp enough and crushes the onion instead of cutting it clean!

It is said that a knife does not need to be sharpened before a month of daily use. Remember to do it regularly to work your raw materials well!

How to sharpen your knives?

Sharpen or sharpen? Sharpen allows to rework the edge of the blade, to keep an optimal cutting edge every day. And we sharpen when the knife is dull to redo the edge of the blade. For a novice, sharpening a knife is not necessarily easy, but it can be learned quickly! There are several methods:

With a rifle:

The fastest solution! You must maintain an angle of 15/20 degrees to sharpen the blade. Place the gun pointed down and slide the knife down along the rifle, with light pressure. Repeat this movement for the other side of the blade and do it at least 5 times, at the speed of your choice.

With a sharpening stone:

Natural or diamond, it often has two sides, for a complete sharpening. Soak it in water 10 minutes before sharpening (it must remain moist all along). Place the stone on its base, put the knife diagonally and place the point on the stone. Sharpen it at an angle of 10/15 degrees by placing three fingers of your opposite hand on the blade, in a back and forth movement. Apply continuous pressure.

With a manual or electric sharpener:

The easiest to use! They have two slots and the sharpening angle is already provided. One slit sharpens the blade in depth and the second polishes it. Remember to keep your knives well and preferably store them in a knife block with separate storage to protect the blades!