Easter coloring pages for young and old to download

Easter coloring pages for young and old to download

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Rabbits, eggs, chickens or bells, the well-known patterns of Easter coloring pages continue to inspire the little ones ... like the biggest! For moments of creativity and calm with the family during the spring holidays, do not hesitate to download Easter coloring pages without moderation. With your colored pencils!

First Easter coloring pages

For the little ones,download Easter designs simple with generous contours to make it easier for your toddlers. For example, this duo rabbit-chick from the Hugo L'Escargot site should be suitable for children 3 years and older. Learning colors, concentration and discovery: Easter coloring brings much more than it seems. And if the markers are not yet there, we favor pastels, pencils but also stickers to make the youngest discover the coloring in the most fun way!

Print Easter coloring pages for a spring and festive decor

Lovers of decor and traditional festivals: Easter is the perfect time to involve your children in creating a spring atmosphere. Print Easter coloring pages carefully chosen to obtain a bucolic setting in the house. Garland of papers, animals and frescoes, we select designs to cut to decorate the interior of these small works of art of paper. On the Tête à Modeler site, you can download Easter mandalas that will look great in your living room! A simple and aesthetic way to highlight the creativity of children and bring the family together around a calm and creative moment.

Easter coloring from 7 to 77 years old…

If coloring does not have any more its proofs to make near the small ones, know that it also has many virtues for the older ones. Anti-stress and soothing, coloring proves to be a real vector of optimism and cheerfulness. During the spring holidays, to relax, go for Easter coloring pages! Regulation of cardiac breathing, solicitation of the right and left hemispheres of your brain (logic and creativity), and a good time to spend with your children if you are a parent: there is only positive! It only remains to download and print Easter coloring pages with various shapes and symbols to stimulate neurons and have fun with colors. Have we ever finished imagining the countless ways to color Easter eggs? Share with us your most beautiful Easter coloring pages on our Facebook page!


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