Maxima kitchens: German quality at the best price

Maxima kitchens: German quality at the best price

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"Come Compare" tells us the slogan of Maxima Kitchens. And the comparison is clear: the products are extremely qualitative at a price that you would not have even dared to imagine! Behind Maxima kitchens, a brand created 10 years ago for sale in France, is the Häcker group, which is one of the world leaders in terms of kitchens. These are subject to strict German quality and environmental standards. The furniture is assembled at the factory and the prices offered by Cuisine Maxima in France come directly from the factory without any intermediary.

Also, the brand is able to offer you design, functional, qualitative and inexpensive products at all. The average price of sales made by Maxima Kitchens is € 3,500. This is what makes Maxima not afraid of competition, on the contrary ... Hence its slogan.

But that's not all. At Cuisines Maxima, you will find attentive customer service. The teams listen to you, meet your needs, fit your budget and your tastes. In addition, the architectural skills of the teams bring your kitchen to life through the design and technology of the 3D glasses before you have even set foot in it. When you know that 40% of customers have been sponsored by others, that is how much their satisfaction is there, as well as the "Wow" effect of Maxima kitchens with those around them.

In the region, the A3B group has 5 Maxima showrooms: in Artigues-Près-Bordeaux, Mérignac, Castres, Albi and Périgueux. In October 2017, a new store was opened in Saint Médard en Jalles, this time under the Häcker brand, with other products of the German group not sold under the Maxima brand. Higher-end models for larger projects await you.

Contact : Maxima Cuisines, 3 rue Albert Einstein, 33700 Mérignac Phone: 05 56 42 30 00 Site: /


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