Why and how to make your own office?

Why and how to make your own office?

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Being comfortable at your desk means gaining productivity! Be more organized by making yourself a piece of furniture adapted to your needs. How to go about it ? Where to start ? Simple and economical solutions, a few tips, a little recuperation ... And here is a tailor-made office that looks like you for wanting to work for hours!

Why make your own office?

Rather than spending hours researching exactly the office you have in mind, why not create it yourself? By making your office to measure, no more problems with unsuitable dimensions or storage. Another advantage: it forces us to rethink and organize our entire workspace. One of the keys to productivity! Above all, it will be easier for you to adapt your office to your needs, over the years. Once the entire office has been created, it is much less intimidating to start making small additional storage or a sorting panel. A cheap custom-made desk, it exists: the one you make! We mistakenly think that manufacturing a custom office is complex, expensive and reserved for experts. But by recycling some furniture and materials, you can do wonders. A simple nook under a staircase or even a closet can turn into a pleasant space with a space-saving desk, created for the occasion! Convinced? Here's how to start making your custom desk!

An office under the stairs to optimize space

Build a custom office: where to start?

Everyone has their own way of working: some will need a lot of space, equipment on hand, and others will be satisfied with a small minimalist table. So we start by clarifying its requirements and desires, to make the perfect office! How much surface do you need to work comfortably? Do you need equipment or tools always available? What volumes and types of storage will be required? Then think about space constraints. Do you want to optimize the space under a staircase? Take your measurements carefully for a perfect result. If you're setting up a computer desk, make sure there's a socket nearby. By anticipating the passage of the cables, you will obtain a more practical desk and a well finished result. Making your own desk is also an opportunity to look at its ergonomics! We determine its ideal chair height and the height of the table top. Objective: stand straight, feet on the ground and forearms resting at right angles. A tip to avoid back pain!

You can adapt this tutorial without any problem!

How to make an economic office?

Once your needs are well identified, we start creating. We are drawing in pencil our future office, to determine where to position the different storage spaces. A sketch to help visualize the result and project yourself. To create an economical office, be creative! We collect salvaged materials and some small storage to assemble them: * For the desk top, a simple painted board can do the trick! You can also opt for a more robust kitchen worktop or a large window to trace more easily. If you want to use pallet wood, be careful to sand and varnish it to avoid splinters! * To train the feet, give free rein to your imagination! Simple straight feet can do the trick, but you may prefer to use trestles for an "artist's studio" atmosphere. Do you need more storage space? Use small storage as feet! What ensure the stability of the tray while giving a second life to small furniture. Last point to anticipate: the bindings! So that your office can see the years go by, plan for it to be robust. To support the tray, you can use brackets, to screw on the feet or directly on the wall.

A simple palette turns into a decorative desk

Ideas for making your own desk

Out of inspiration? A difficult constraint to overcome? Here are some ideas and tips to help you get started!

The space saving tip

More room to arrange an office area? Explore untapped corners. The bottom of a staircase or a simple closet can be transformed into a cozy office area. Consider playing on the lighting to create a warm atmosphere. Setting up an office in a closet is very simple: shelves are generally already installed there and can act as a tray. And to store your clothes, you opt for the trend of open wardrobes!

A minimalist IT office

Recycle a wooden shelf or kitchen worktop, fix with brackets, directly to the wall. And here is an ultra minimalist office! To pass your cables more easily, drill a few holes at the edge of the shelf. You can also opt for a retractable tablet desk to save space. Recycle a dresser Turn the top drawer over, which will serve as a sliding tray. It may be necessary to choose stronger slides and to ballast the bottom of the furniture with its backrests. Now you are ready to make your own desk!

A hidden desk ... to rest your mind free


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