Give your bathtub a facelift with bath paint

Give your bathtub a facelift with bath paint

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Passing through your bathroom, you took a look at your mirror and then at your bathtub: "Oula, time has left its mark." Then you put it into perspective: these few more years don't go so badly for you. Your bathtub, on the other hand, has taken a lot of old age. Rough, yellowed, damaged, it deserves a little rejuvenation. With a few brush strokes, you can give it an effective facelift without leaving all your savings. Here are some tips to follow to easily repaint your bathtub.

What paint should you choose to repaint a bathtub?

Before repainting your bathtub, it is necessary to identify your two main enemies: wear and humidity. First observation: we will have to choose an extremely resistant paint. If there are different types, the most suitable for the bath remains epoxy resin paint . It is a waterproof, easy to apply and very resistant coating. This resin can be purchased white (to be colored with a dye to obtain the desired shade) or already tinted. You look again at your bathtub and the few traces that time has left there. It's ugly but is it really worth it to waste time reading a thousand packages of paint cans to find out whether or not it is suitable? We arrive at the second observation: renovating your bathtub, yes; to take the lead, no. That's good, at the editorial, we are adept at tricks that make our lives easier. Rather than getting lost in the paint department of your favorite DIY store, you can also get the resin directly in a kit in "sanitary renovation kits ".

The 5 steps necessary to find a bathtub like new

Now that you know that painting your bathtub is within everyone's reach, you're ready and ready to give it a new lease of life. Except you don't know where to start. For a successful facelift, just follow these 5 steps.

Step 1: Clean and repair the surface to be painted

To ensure optimal results, the surface must be properly prepared. We start by cleaning the bathtub with White vinegar or its usual cleaning products. We then identify the areas where the enamel is the most damaged and repair it using a epoxy putty bi-component. For this, we apply the paste on the places concerned with a spatula, smooth and let it dry.

Step 2: Degrease and sand the support

So that the paint hangs well on the surface, we think of sanding the entire bathtub. It is cleaned a second time in order to remove the residues and then a type of degreaser is applied. methylated spirits or acetone over the entire surface to be painted.

The important thing when you start refreshing your bathtub is to clean the surface well for better adhesion of the paint

Step 3: Remove the seals and protect the part

Because we like things done well, we do not forget to remove the gasket from the bathtub using a removes attached or a cutter and a flat screwdriver. If you don't want to have to repaint your entire bathroom, consider protecting the room well. We protect the walls, the floor but also the taps to be sure not to stain anything.

Step 4: Apply the paint

If you have chosen the renovation kit, you just need to follow the instructions to prepare your painting. Pour part of your mixture into a container. Start by painting the most difficult to access areas using a brush. For the rest of the tub, use a roller. Leave to dry for the time indicated by the manufacturer and then apply a second coat.

Step 5: Redo the joints

Once everything is dry, we bring the final touch to our bathtub renovation by redoing the joints. We take good care of this last finish because it is these seals that ensure the good tightness of our bathtub.

Painting the bathtub: the trick to modernize a bathroom

For an unusual bathroom, we dare the colored paint on the walls as on the bathtub When we want to revamp a bathroom, we rarely think of the bathtub. However, a few brushstrokes on this central element of the room can radically change its style. White tiles in my bathroom? I opt for black and white on my bathtub and I get a nice chic atmosphere. For a revitalizing bathroom, I imagine a colorful bathtub. And if I prefer a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, I would rather apply a beautiful blue paint. For the more daring, there are even metallic paints specially designed for the bathtub; enough to afford, for a very small budget, an original bathroom. Repainting your bathtub is ideal when you are tenant and we're looking to freshen up the bathroom without work. It is also a good tip to rejuvenate this piece at a low price and optimize the sale of real estate . In any case, a well-chosen paint can bring an aging bathroom back to life.


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