How to declutter your bathroom cupboards?

How to declutter your bathroom cupboards?

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Between the bath necessities, the beauty utensils and the numerous hygiene products specific to each one, the bathroom is undoubtedly the most crowded common room. Here are some tips for decluttering your closets.

End accumulation

Who has never collected free samples of perfume, make-up or shower gel drawn from right and left according to passages in hotels or magazine readings? Most often these samples remain ad vitam aeternam in the bathroom cupboards to collect dust. Likewise, due to attractive promotions, we quickly bought a pack of 2 or even 3 shower gels or shampoos. Stop this bad habit!

Sorting in its cupboards

Between the bottles that have been open too long and the beauty products that we keep but which we no longer use for lack of satisfaction, the bathroom cupboards overflow with bulky containers that have been abandoned for a long time. We do the spring cleaning: we throw away or give to our loved ones the products that are sometimes expensive to buy. The misfortune of some makes the happiness of others.

Everyone has their place in the bathroom

What determines which product or another in its place (or not) in the bathroom? Because there is too often a tendency to store everything and anything in the closets of this room, it is high time to determine whether or not these jewelry boxes, these sunscreens or this hairdressing kit can go other apart from in the bathroom. In the bedroom maybe?

Organize the available space well

Today, there are many daring and useful storage solutions to put your cupboards in order. Thus, Ikea offers for example bathroom organizers, baskets, or like the series of wooden boxes Dragan (15 euros) which stack to store hairdressing equipment and jewelry. Beautiful, practical and inexpensive. So, ready for the big storage?