How to store your household products and accessories?

How to store your household products and accessories?

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Not very glamorous in decorating the WC gel and the mop… However, unless you decrease the lighting in your interior to no longer see dust and dirt, you will have to deal with your cleaning products. The editorial staff of dé gives you their tips for better storing (and concealing) your products and household accessories.

Household products and accessories: put away in the cupboard!

Lock them (double turn) in the closet! It's still the safest way to stop seeing your cleaning products and household accessories. Forget the chore of cleaning, ironing and washing ... at least until you have nothing more to do ... Ironic of course because no, the time for cleaning is not over yet! Until you live in a world where dirt will go away on its own, the closet is still the best way to conceal the cleaning brush, bleach and clothesline. You can dedicate an entire closet to storage of your household products or invest if necessary the cupboard in the kitchen, garage, cellar or even toilets.

Storing household products in a sliding door cupboard is very practical to keep them out of our sight!

Under the sink: classic but not without risk

You can of course store your cleaning products in the cupboard under the sink. Practical, the space under the sink is often unsightly ... So, unsightly for unsightly, you might as well store your dishwashing detergent and degreasing spray there so you always have them at hand. But beware, if the space under the sink seems the place to store your household products, it is not without risk. Just read the statement "keep out of reach of children" prominently on the label of most cleaning products to be convinced. If you have children or you often receive children at home, be sure to secure access to the storage of your household products.

Household products are often stored under the sink. A very practical space because quite spacious, but unfortunately within the reach of the little ones. To avoid for families, therefore!

On shelves, high

When the space under the sink is limited, the cabinets overflow and the household accessories accumulate endlessly, add wall shelves in the utility room (or in the garage) can be a solution for storing basins, detergent and cleaning products. Do the shelves open on your household products? Certainly. Pretty? No way. To camouflage the multi-surface cleaner and the brush, the decorative tip is to install a curtain rod. Then you just have to bet on a nice curtain to forget (momentarily) the cleaning session that awaits you ...

If you have a laundry room, you can install wall shelves there to store your household products, out of your sight before the housekeeping hour strikes!

Hanging… on your hooks!

Hooks and hooks for doors offer an unstoppable space-saving solution for hanging the broom, ironing board, shovel or drying rack. Hanging on the wall, or on the hidden side of your doors, they allow you to grab on the fly all the household accessories you need to attack the big household. Even cleaning products do not resist the basket hanging on the Ikea-style support bar or its DIY version made from a curtain rod. The shoe organizer hanging behind the door of the laundry room (or garage) is also the subject of a clever diversion to store your cleaning products and your household accessories.

The coat hooks can be installed almost anywhere, which makes them very practical! Behind a door, for example, it is ideal for camouflaging household products!

In boxes and / or bottles: hidden under your eyes

Plastic baskets, bins and boxes make it easy to store your gloves, microfiber cloths and other scouring creams. They also allow you not to waste time on the day of the major cleaning by grouping everything you need in one place. Followers of eco-friendly household recipes will opt for jars or bottles decorated with pretty labels. Marseille soap, soda crystals, essential oils and homemade detergent are the subject of a beautiful setting to enhance the decor of the laundry room, while delicacy.

Unattractive, household products look better stored in boxes!

Ready-to-use storage solutions

Hanging basket, sliding shelf, iron support, clever cupboards, fixing for broom, wall-mounted storage support to hang on cupboard doors… Commercial brands are full of ideas to facilitate the storage of household products and accessories. Horizontal and / or vertical storage spaces are wedged and inserted between the kitchen elements to gain even more space. Nétwayééééé, baléyéééé, astiké… Kaz la toujou penpan… No it's not the music that you have in your skin, but cleaning and cleaning… and in depth please!

There is always plenty of inspiration to go look for from the manufacturers' side! Here the "brush holder" with or without integrated hooks can be a good solution.


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