8 chewable night lights for your child's room

8 chewable night lights for your child's room

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The night light becomes necessary at bedtime, for your child to wake up at night, for fear of the dark or for falling asleep. She watches, reassures, accompanies our toddlers for sweet and peaceful nights. Here are 8 bright examples to chew on to give them real peace of mind.

Bollie portable night light, € 39.95 *, Philips

A design with soft colors, a flexible material, a rechargeable base: the Bollie LED night light has many advantages! The child can easily take hold of this little pink man to move around or place it on his bedside table

Magic lantern, € 44.90 *, Trousselier

It looks like it came out of a fairy tale! This magic lantern has everything of the traditional night light: a wooden structure and a propeller mechanism to activate the light decor of Sophie la Girafe. At bedtime, it's a magical world that comes alive to sleep the child peacefully.

Nanuk White Lamp, € 159.50 *, Laurie Lumière

An ideal companion for this Nanuk: a large white bear, with a tender design, ideal for warming up your child's bedroom decor. This table lamp, light and unbreakable, delicately accompanies the child in the land of dreams.

Pink Pear LED Night Light, € 9.95 *, A Little Lovely Company

Crunchy the fruity night light to take everywhere! Small, light and flexible, your child will never want to leave it. It will be perfect for keeping baby company with its displayed good humor, its glowing mine and its dim light.

Duck lamp, € 47.50 *, Egmont Toys

At nightfall, it could be the duck dance with this pretty lamp imagined by the designer Gaëtane Lannoy. A tender night light to place near the child's bed to ensure a peaceful and poetic night.

Ladybug portable night light, € 29.90 *, Osram

It is discreet near the bed, placed on its support, and makes itself useful as a flashlight: the Beetled night light has everything to reassure the child who gets up at night. Equipped with a sensitive photo sensor, it adapts to the brightness of the room. The ladybug brings good luck, that's good!

Fox lamp, € 29.99 *, L'Atelier Pierre

Do you want to gently stimulate your child's imagination? Choose this table lamp in the shape of a fox, in pastel tones, and equipped with a double ignition mode, including a programmed shutdown after 5 minutes to facilitate falling asleep.

Fish lamp, € 70 *, Officina Crea

A love of fish, with delicacy and poetry! This is the promise of this nightlight imagined by Ramin Razani, origami expert, who adapted his art to the lights. The "Pesce" model immerses the child in an ocean of sweet reveries. The night lights are your child's best friends for the night: discover other inspiring models! (*) Prices noted on the site on 12/10/2017, subject to change depending on the commercial offers.