Sainthimat: the DIY brand specializing in bargains

Sainthimat: the DIY brand specializing in bargains

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But how do you choose the right material for your interior and exterior work?

Sainthimat is above all a wide choice of good quality products at low prices. A pioneer in the sector since offering over-the-counter joinery since the 90s, Sainthimat has been committed since its creation to providing a wide range of impeccable services and products. Thus, in the ranges of permanent products, there is a large choice of joinery, materials and tiles etc. Sainthimat offers more than 15,000 references in stores and more than 6000 on the internet. Enough to fill all requests!

Quality service and an unbeatable customer relationship

From in-store advice to delivery, including made-to-measure, Sainthimat's quality and customer relationship requirements cover all moments of the shopping experience. Thus, the brand is not only a quality service provider but it is also a supplier of good deals.

"Renovating without breaking the bank" is the motto of the concept, which offers many opportunities to also take advantage of promotions at all times of the year: spring fair, birthday, winter and summer sales, etc. Customers receive generous business benefits every week. Thanks to a strong local presence and a desire to be close to its customers, Sainthimat makes it a point of honor to satisfy all those who visit the shelves of its three stores or its website.

Contact : Caudry: 71, rue Charles Gide - RN 43 Telephone: 03 27 85 85 85 La Bassée: Route d'Estaires, 59480 La Bassée Telephone: 03 20 29 44 44 Gaillon: Rue des joncs marin - RN 15, 27600 Gaillon Telephone: 02 32 77 45 45 Site: