What colors to choose to enlarge a room?

What colors to choose to enlarge a room?

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Your living room has a low ceiling, the hallway is too narrow or your bedroom is narrow. If you can't knock down the walls, let alone push them down, bet on color schemes. Because it's not just white that makes your interior appear more spacious. Discover some painting tips to make your interior larger.

Choose light colors to enlarge a room

Without opting for white from floor to ceiling, often considered cold and monastic, bet on light shades which, too, effectively reflect light. Pastel shades, to play with each other on the walls, on the ceiling and even on the floor, will immediately give an impression of space. If you still want to combine a warmer color to contrast, keep your white ceiling and paint a single wall with a brighter color, in harmony with the pale shades of the other walls.

Nothing like clear and natural colors, like that of rattan, to enlarge the room!

Contrasting colors to enlarge the room

To give the illusion of a larger room, you can play with color contrasts from one wall to another. By painting the larger wall in a light color and the other walls in a darker shade, you will significantly change the perspective of the room. To create depth, you can also more originally paint, on a light wall, a brighter horizontal stripe, the same color as the wall facing it. A nice way to create a line of flight to modify the perception of space.

To enlarge a room, you can also play on contrasts. A dark wall in a well-lit room with light tones will bring a warm effect without shrinking the room.

Raising the ceiling with color to enlarge the room

You can also create optical effects to give height to rooms with low ceilings. Light colors are most effective at lighting up the ceiling and the floor when combined with brighter or even dark walls. Well-chosen curtains, furniture and accessories will do the rest. Another possibility is to paint the ceiling in the lightest shade, then the set of walls in a more marked color to maintain continuity and offer a broader vision of the room. Do you find the boring uni? Opt for vertical stripes on the walls, they will push back the ceiling.

To increase the ceiling height, paint the walls in a darker shade or add bands of horizontal colors. Guaranteed effect.

Enlarge a narrow room with color

Do you find your hallway too narrow or the guest bedroom too long? Give the illusion that the room is wider, painting only the back wall in a dark color. The trick may also be to paint the shortest walls, in a dark color, and the long walls, in a very light shade. The contrast will have the merit of visually reducing the depth and widening the space.

To enlarge a small room, the trick is to paint the walls halfway up, like in this pretty bathroom, and especially the longer walls.

Color splashes to enlarge the room

Cunning ? This involves creating optical illusions by painting only certain areas of the room or adding decorative elements in more intense colors. This will give relief to the room. For example, you can paint the frame of a window, the bottom of a library that is not too full, the edge of the doors. You can also paint a more lively strip from wall to ceiling to frame a bed, enhance a fireplace or an unusual piece of furniture. To go further, beyond the choice of paint, there are other decorative tips to make your interior more spacious, from wallpaper to furniture through lighting and what you hang on the wall (photo frames ... ). Follow the guide !

In a small bedroom, adding touches of color with different decorative accessories also gives more room and life to the room!