8 snow white decorative objects

8 snow white decorative objects

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In decoration, white goes everywhere. Furniture or accessories, adding touches of white to your decor is also making your interior brighter. An undeniable asset to face the winter. And then with the white, no risk of bad taste!

Scandinavian lamp, € 52.89 *

In winter, good interior lighting is essential. Like the Scandinavians, opt for white shades that filter the light without obscuring it. Add to that a modern light wooden leg and you get this elegant accent lamp.

Snow tender blanket, € 54.90 *

Who says winter, says plaid. This fleece model will warm your sofa (and you at the same time) in no time. All white, it will easily match any decor, but will be the icing on the cake of your Scandinavian interior.

Pouf round 3 feet, € 64.90 *

To occupy the long winter evenings, the Scandinavians often receive around large tables. Take inspiration from this Nordic way of life with this all-white stool, which can be used as an extra seat as soon as a guest comes up.

Artificial succulent in ceramic pot, € 4.67 *

The plants on your balcony may not be able to withstand winter, but this succulent in its white pot will certainly hold up, since it is artificial. Clever! Forget it on a shelf or use it to decorate the table.

Glass tealight holder, € 6.90 *

How to imagine a Scandinavian living room without a candle? Rekindle the flame with this white glass tealight holder, an essential to bring charm and intimacy to a decoration inspired by the Far North.

Faux fur cushion, € 39.90 *

The Scandinavians love it, and that's good: so do we! Faux fur is a must for a winter decor inspired by the Nordic countries. This cream-colored cushion in imitation fur rises to the top of the podium of the softest accessories.

White rocking chair design kokkola, € 153.99 *

With this typically Scandinavian white rocking chair, your moments of relaxation will take a new turn. Ideal for sipping tea with a good book, this armchair combines comfort and decoration for a very Zen living room.

Side table, € 46.40 *

Next to a soft armchair or at the end of the sofa, this white and circular side table will brighten up your winter. She will gladly welcome cups of tea, books or candles. In short, it's up to you to make it your new essential accessory. Do you love all white winters? Find more white decorative accessories in our shopping area!

(*) Prices noted on the site on 10/18/2017, subject to change depending on the commercial offers.


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