Majorelle Peintures, tailor-made renovation

Majorelle Peintures, tailor-made renovation

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Located in Port Sainte Marie (47), the Majorelle company created more than 12 years ago by Mohamed El Kadi was born from the passion for painting in buildings and the desire to bring satisfaction to customers. Majorelle. As you can guess: the name chosen by the El Kadi spouses to create their building painting business owes nothing to chance. "It is a reference to Jacques Majorelle and the intense, unique and deep blue that he invented", tells us Samia El Kadi, the manager of this company nestled in the Lot-et-Garonne. But the emblematic shade of the famous gardens of Marrakech is not the only source of inspiration for this couple addicted to renovation and decoration.

"Form a team with our customers"

"For my husband, starting his own business has always been a no-brainer," she continues. Passionate about paints, expert in coatings, he attaches great importance to the finishes of his sites, whether they are aimed at companies or individuals. By opening Majorelle, he realizes his dream of doing things his way!

"What makes us different is our ability to bring flexibility and responsiveness to projects that are not necessarily so. Our goal is really to form a team with the client, to manage the unexpected with ease and to finish the work on time, "explains Samia enthusiastically, she who joined the adventure in 2010 after her first pregnancy while working in real estate.

A specialized company offering a complete offer

Interior and exterior painting, renovation, cleaning, flexible floor coverings or interior decoration: the tandem of shock is on all fronts. And it works ! If Mr. takes care of the concrete management of the work and the employees, Madam, she, is specialized in interior decoration, her field of predilection.

"What I like about our job is that each site is unique. We adapt to tastes, desires and individual needs. We never get bored!" A capacity for adaptation that has won over a good number of customers, from a Caisse d'Épargne Large Account agency in the region to a young couple wishing to renovate their building from top to bottom. Something to see life in blue ... Majorelle. Contact : EURL Majorelle, Les Jardins shopping center, Lieu-dit Bouillousse, 47130 Port-Sainte-Marie Hours: Monday to Friday, from 7:45 a.m. to noon and from 1:45 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Telephone: 05 53 95 50 90/06 74 00 01 80 Email: [email protected] Site:


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