Before / after: the creation of a triplex under the eaves in an 1850 apartment

Before / after: the creation of a triplex under the eaves in an 1850 apartment

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The architect Jérémy Hérard, from the Notes de styles network, presents the transformation of a three-story apartment housed in a building classified as a historic monument: 225 square meters of space and a budget of 80,000 euros. A project of just three months was enough to transform the apartment, which now brilliantly combines old style and contemporary spirit. Area: 225m2. Agency: Style notes. Budget: € 80,000.

Transform the premises without distorting the singular aspect of the building

Head to Petite France in the Strasbourg region to discover a unique renovation project. With its surface of 225m2, the future triplex is nestled in the heart of a historic district classified as World Heritage of Humanity. A detail that is very important in the context of a transformation, since it limits the possibilities of modifying the facades, and therefore the creation of openings. The owners contacted the Notes desStyles network for three months of work. Among their criteria they wanted to obtain three bedrooms including a master suite, a kitchen with island, a substantial living room, an office space, three bathrooms and above all a beautiful light. Arranged under the eaves, this apartment remains more complex to furnish than a classic interior - a feature which requires the use of the least space to free up a maximum of square meters.

Before: the entrance and the kitchen are dark and uninviting!

Meticulous renovation of spaces

For this unique project, Jérémy Hérard has decided to completely renovate the property, namely the three levels of housing to rethink all the spaces. This new start has brought the historic building up to 21st century standards in terms of plumbing, insulation and electricity. Expensive but essential work! In the desire to create a particular space to receive a studio type room, the team divided the interior into three distinct zones to devote the second level entirely to this request. The entrance takes place on the ground floor. The living rooms, bathrooms and other bedrooms are on the top floor of the apartment. From this choice, the whole underwent major transformations - from floor to ceiling! - to meet the future functions of each space. Some original elements have however been preserved, such as the exposed beams, in order to keep only the best of the old and protect the charm of the place.

The master suite is enhanced by beautiful beams painted white.

Contemporary layout and charm of the old

On the first floor, the architect therefore chose to integrate a teenage bedroom designed as a studio, with its own bathroom as well as a dressing area and a work area. A new staircase is installed there to distribute the rest of the interior. The top floor now includes the rest of the rooms with an open kitchen and a beautiful central island, an office area, two bedrooms including the master suite, a dressing room, and a third bathroom. A large living room of 100m2, with living room and dining area, becomes the heart of this floor. Apart from the white paint on the walls and parquet floors, the contemporary touch is subtly brought thanks to the furniture, like these white leather sofas with colorful cushions. The color palette is deliberately clear in order to accentuate the brightness of the place. Finally, to provide natural clarity, professionals have created skylights here and there in the roof - this results in a luminosity index multiplied by 4 and a family who is now delighted to live in a more ventilated interior, where circulation between spaces occurs spontaneously.

A magnificent living space for this 100m2 dining room!


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